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15 Toxin-Reducing Swaps for Kids

November 8, 2021

Toxins are everywhere. We know this. They’re in the air, the food, the water, the earth. Sometimes it seems like we just cannot do right by our kids. And, right when we think we have it, new research comes out saying we need to do better. It’s often tough navigating what kids like and want, what works, and what is good for them. Well, here I’ve compiled 15 easy swaps for household children’s items that will please everyone in the family! See below to start reducing some toxins in your family’s environment!

1. Ahimsa Stainless Steel Tableware

Plastic is bad for our kids. We’re learning more and more about the dangers of plastics, especially when touching hot food that our children are ingesting. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics details how plastic can cause hormone disruption, and growth and brain development. We have choices to do better. Ahimsa Stainless Steel Tableware has no coating, no chemicals, just metal dishes to ensure plastics are staying away from our kids. Check out their fun colors and join the movement here. Sets starting at $44.00. Use code MOMUPTOWN15 for 15% off!

2. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles

To keep with the theme of less plastic, switch over to Lifefactory’s Glass Baby Bottles. They come with a protective silicone sleeve and nipple, and are made to last. We are using the same bottles from baby number one! Glass bottles are better for the reasons above, as well as better for the environment! $14.99 and up.

3. Clean Body Wash from Pleni Naturals

Pleni Naturals’ Apple + Broccoli Hair & Body Wash is an award-winning, natural baby product. It’s a one-stop product that I can wash all the kids with–hair and body–and feel really good about! Natural and organic fruits and vegetables make up this gentle cleanser, as opposed to some dangerous chemicals that can be found in mainstream washes! Sizes starting at $7.99.

4. Non-Toxic Diapers

Now that we know more about the dangers of chemicals found in diaper materials and dyes, more and more eco-friendly and non-toxic options are becoming widely available. This is great news for our babies and the environment. My top go-to diaper brands include Bambo Nature, Eco by Naty, Nest, and Honest. Starting at $.032/diaper.

5. Cleaner Baby Wipes

The key to healthier baby wipes is finding a wipe that is both made of safe and natural materials, as opposed to so many polyester and polypropylene versions, and also saturated with clean water and natural extracts. I have used Kinder by Nature for all three kids, though I do use organic cotton balls and water for the first full month of life. $.06/wipe in 12-pack.

6. Non-Toxic Finger Paint

It’s not supposed to be food, but have you ever seen your toddler put a paint-covered finger right inside her mouth? Not to mention that it’s on their skin, as well. Mainstream art supplies can be full of garbage, such as VOCs, phthalates, and formaldehyde. Try some non-toxic paint like eco-kids Finger Paint. $18.99.

7. Natural Play Dough

Move over artificially-dyed, mainstream junk. Hello all-natural, plant-based dough! We often make our own, but when we don’t, we’re a fan of The Dough Project! 9-pack for $55.00.

8. Natural Rubber Baby Toys

Free from plastic and its chemicals, natural rubber chew toys are safer for your baby, and better for the environment! Oil & Carol baby toys have been a favorite in our home! We also love their bath toy line. They make a great gift! Oil & Carol Toys, $22.00.

9. Wooden Toys

We’ve covered stainless steel, glass, natural rubber, and to shine some light on wood! PoppyBabyCo makes stunning wooden toys with only natural materials and food-safe dyes. Check them out ahead of the holidays! Toys starting at $10.00.

10. Non-Toxic Play Mats

Certain types of foam play mats can actually emit toxic gasses! Not what you want swirling around new little babes! Toki Mats offers GOLS-certified organic, Oeko-Tex certified non-toxic, and made with natural foam from tree sap! A safer option for your little ones! Toki Mats starting at $165.00.

11. Natural Mattresses

Along the same lines as the play mats, natural mattresses are a great investment for your baby. Think of how many hours he or she spends sleeping and breathing on a mattress. We purchased our crib mattress from NaturalMat! They have many great, handmade options starting at $424.00.

12. Organic Sheets

Pottery Barn Kids actually has a great selection of organic sheets for babies and bigger kids! Check out their solids, pretty patterns or seasonal designs! Certified to GOTS standards! Items starting at $19.00.

13. Eco-Friendly Clothing

With organic, fairly made garments, Jackalo‘s tagline is “Playclothes Made Better.” High-quality, durable fabrics in certified organic cotton makes for clothes built to last. Clothing starting at $35.00. (Reminder: It’s always good to wash clothes before wearing!)

14. Healthier Snacks

Food is a giant category. Of course we know non-GMO and organic is often the healthiest way to go. I’m not going to go down a food rabbit hole, but I will leave you with this subscription service that sends monthly boxes full of healthier snacks right to your home. SnackRiot will expose your family to unique brands, flavors, and ingredients, with the idea of snacks can be better-for-you, but still delicious! $38.00/month. Use code momuptown for 15% off your first box!

15. Natural Food Coloring

Did you know artificial food-safe dyes still contain carcinogens? Make the swap to natural with Watkins Assorted Food Coloring! One more way to rid toxins from your home and body! $6.99.

There you have it! 15 swaps you can make today! If you have any other ideas towards a non-toxic life, leave them below!

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links where I earn from qualifying purchases.

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