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Breastfeeding Must-Haves

August 1, 2021

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, and my journey breastfeeding baby number three, I’ve put together my Breastfeeding Must-Haves! These are products that have made my life as a nursing mom easier–whether that means helping with the routine of it all, keeping my body comfortable and happy, or aiding in my pumping journey! These products have helped get me through, and maybe they can help you, too! They can also make for great gifts! Let me know what some of your Breastfeeding Must-Haves are in the comments. Happy breastfeeding!

1. Boppy Feeding Pillow

I love the classic Boppy Feeding and Infant Support Pillow design! It’s very comfortable and a nice sturdy surface for nursing, but not too large! While I didn’t use it for nursing this last time around since our new couch has very convenient bolster pillows, I did for my first and thought it was a total must-have. This time, though, I’ve been using it under my feet in bed to help with postpartum swelling! Much more firm than a traditional pillow. $39.99

2. Elvie Pump, Catch & Curve

Bold statement coming through!!! Elvie products are probably my favorite in the breastfeeding and even general motherhood world. They are sharp, sleek, efficient, and comfortable! You WANT to wear Elvie! I highly recommend Elvie Pump as your electric pump. It’s wire-free and hands-free, tucking in your bra and going almost unnoticeable. It is so quiet during pumping that i sometimes forget I’m doing it! On top of their traditional electric pump, they offer the Elvie Catch cups you can wear throughout the day to catch any leaks and drips. These feel almost weightless. A very comfortable way to catch all you can! Lastly, I just love Elvie Curve! I wear the manual suction pump Elvie Curve when I’m feeding on one side and just want to collect without a full electric pumping experience. Also great for on-the-go (though, they all are, really!) You place your nipple inside the pump, press the button to create suction, and you’re all set to start expressing. Really genius products all around! Use code MOMUPTOWN15 for 15% off! Products starting at $34.99.

3. Silverette cups

If Elvie is my GOAT, I can assure you, Silverette Cups aren’t far behind. These pure silver nipple cups are used 24/7 in the early days in place of traditional nipple creams. I only took them off only to feed and this is the first time my nipples haven’t cracked or bled, and I didn’t use a single dash of nipple cream! Incredible. And now, I’m returning the silver cups to have them turned into a charm as part of the companies recycling program!! $59.90.

4. Nyssa Fourthcare Breast Ice/Heat Packs

After a bout of mastitis with my last child, I am hyperaware of any clogged duct or breast engorgement discomfort. Nyssa makes it easy to get relief with their perfectly shaped hot and cold packs. Tuck in the Nyssa Fourthcare Breast & Chest Ice/Heat Packs to keep your milk flowing and problems at bay! They also have options for post-birth recovery down below! $16.00.

5. Hey Mama Kitchen Lactation Cookies

I talk about these lactation cookies all the time. Full of milk-promoting nutrients, but sweet and tasty enough to fill all your breastfeeding sugar cravings, Hey Mama Kitchen treats are the best!! I gift every new mom a batch (including myself after my last two babes!!) $28.95

6, Nalgene Bottle

I rely on a classic Nalgene bottle! Mine have lasted years and years and years. I love them because they are large enough to hold a TON of water which you will need breastfeeding! I drink a full 32 oz just overnight! Not only are they huge, they’re quiet around sleeping babies (I hate Swell bottles or any other loud stainless bottles), and they’re impossible for toddlers to open! Some of my flip top bottles are too fun for my other kids. So, yup, this old faithful for me! $11.99.

7. aden+anais Swaddles

The aden+anais swaddles are my favorite! I’ve used them for my three sleeping babies, but they also make great breastfeeding covers! I’m not one to really cover myself, but in certain situations (or outfits) it’s nice to have a conversation without worrying your baby is going to pop off and give everyone a show. Instead of purchasing a breastfeeding apron, get this multipurpose item! $34.99 for four.

8. Of an Origin Clothing

Of an Origin makes really nice, sustainable, breastfeeding basics. Everything is sharp enough to wear to an office, but comfortable enough to wear around the house! This tank is loose and drapey enough to wear immediately after baby, but doesn’t look too big once your postpartum bump goes down. Just an easy, breezy style with some extra-special design features. Check them out! Tank, $34.00.

9. Bao Bei Bralettes

I always prefer wire-free bralettes over wires or traditional clip nursing bras. Maybe once I get out of this lockdown life mode and back into the real world things will change, but for now, I’m all about comfortable! These Bao Bei Bralettes can be pulled down easily for feeding, and come in nudes, as well as pops of color to give a little fun to some jammies or tank tops!! $38.00.

10. Lansinoh Bottles

Our main bottles in an effort to be low-plastic and sustainable are from Life Factory, BUT only one of my three babies took them right away. The Lansinoh bottles that came with my first pump were so great for one-month olds and beyond, that we stocked up. If you have a baby struggling to take a bottle, try this brand! $15.99 for three.

11. MLM Brand Dresses

I love MLM Brand because they’re another company that offers clothing which can easily take you from casual to dressy. The dresses are high-quality with great memory, meaning that they really can accommodate your body from early pregnancy, to nine months pregnant, to nursing postpartum! $55.00-$69.00.

12. Baby Connect App

In the early days, tracking is key! My husband and I both use the Baby Connect app to track awake/sleep times, diapers, and feeds! It helps keep track of the last side I fed on, though now, seven weeks in, I just feel for which side seems fuller! Great for early days! $4.99/month.

13. Loyal Hana Clothing

A fashion favorite for polished looks that are great for summer picnics, office attire, weddings, and more! These fine pieces are at an attainable price point and perfect for pregnancy and nursing! Check out Loyal Hana! Dress pictured, $150.00.

I hope this roundup helps make the magical time of breastfeeding easier and even more special. Stay full, stay hydrated, put on some comfortable clothing, and pat yourself on the back! You’re doing it, mama!!

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links where I earn from qualifying purchases.

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