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Expectant and New Mom Holiday Gift Guide

December 4, 2020

Well, here I go again! Pregnant during another holiday season with baby number three! It’s such a cozy time to be pregnant! And while I’ll miss Christmas morning mimosas, hot chocolate will do just fine! I do find that people get stuck on what to get a pregnant lady for Christmas. You don’t want to gift only things for the new baby, because a woman deserves to be acknowledged independently, but you might be stumped on what a pregnant woman might want. I’ve put together this guide to help. Here are 15 gift ideas for expectant and new moms! And, no, I’m not just putting this together to send a message to my husband! Happy shopping! Comment with questions! x

1. Safe Skincare –

Your skin is your largest organ so you want to be mindful of what you’re putting on it, especially when you’re growing a little babe! Thankfully, the company Matrescence Skin exists with their skincare lines that are actually made for pregnancy and motherhood! Check out their Rose Glow Trio of luxurious mama-friendly products. $236.00.

2. Chic Maternity Clothing –

Loyal Hana has stylish maternity clothing that will carry a mama through to her nursing days. The pieces are incredibly sharp, with high-quality fabrics and construction, as well as staying power to be on-trend for future pregnancies! Tess in Black Jumpsuit, $170.00.

3. Pregnancy and Beyond Self-Care Boxes

The Stork’s Warehouse offers the cutest curated boxes that just shout “I’m thinking of you!” They have a gift set for each trimester of pregnancy, a labor & delivery box, a breastfeeding support box, and 4th trimester bundles! Check them out to send snacks, soaps, keepsakes, and more! Labor Box with Labor Gown, $64.99.

4. A Bracelet with Meaning –

I talk a lot about how I can’t get out of my own head sometimes, and how much I rely on positive thinking and mantras to get me through some emotional experiences. Pregnancy for me is definitely one of those times that I am so thankful to have my Wishbeads bracelets. You can actually write a wish on a strip of paper and tuck the wish/idea/mantra/perhaps a name into the clasp! It is really special and unbelievably beautiful! Rose Recycled Glass Bracelet, $58.00.

5. Nourishing Treats –

Hey Mama Kitchen is my go-to destination for lactation treats for new moms! Everything is so fresh and delicious, coming from a small business of moms that really know what postpartum life is like, especially after experiencing their own lactation struggles! Give one of their tasty gift boxes to a new mom in your life this season! Lactation Cookie Sampler Box, $28.95.

6. Super-Sweet Treats –

And, hands down, my guiltiest of pleasures as a pregnant woman–Milk Bar! Living in NYC, I had a location down the road and available within minutes, but this pregnancy, my sweet sister sent me a box. For me personally, I just need all the Cake Truffles, but check out the entire website, as you won’t be disappointed! The Double Truffle, $46.00.

7. Cool Compression Socks –

Outside of pregnancy, Bombas are already a family favorite in my house. My husband has the most impressive collection, but the girls and I aren’t too far behind him. And, they actually have a line of compression socks! These are a MUST for me throughout my pregnancy, so to have stylish options is pretty awesome! Women’s Compression Socks 3-Pack, $54.00.

8. Comfy Kicks –

As a pregnant city mom, comfy shoes were a MUST. But, even know in the country, I want something that feels like I’m walking on air while carrying extra weight in the middle! Allbirds still reign supreme for me as the comfiest shoes I’ve ever slipped on! Women’s Wool Runners, $95.00.

9. Fancy Slippers –

I’m all about being cozy without feeling frumpy. A luxurious slipper can really boost your mood, even when your feet are in pain for carrying a baby all day. Deiji Square-Toe Shearling Slippers, $275.00.

10. Pretty Nightgowns –

What I love about the Hill House Nap Dresses, is that while they are not maternity, they can pretty much all hold a bump! So you can feel extra-pretty while feeling giant and pregnant, and then still special when covered with breastmilk and spit-up. Wonderful visuals, I know, but it’s the truth. The Nesli Nap Dress, $125.00.

11. Birthstone Rings –

A new mom loves to display her baby’s birthstone or initials all over! Helen Ficalora is a destination for both. Actually the maker of one of the first pieces of fine jewelry I ever bought myself back in college, this designer has stayed closed to my heart. These rings are great for stacking so a great gift beyond Baby #1! Birth Jewel Stacking Ring, $250,00.

12. Modern Lockets –

The Queen of the locket keepsake is definitely Monica Rich Kosann! And if the traditional styles aren’t for you, she has some show-stopping enamel pieces. Perfect to keep your new loved ones close to your heart! White Enamel Cushion Locket, $490.00.

13. A Stylish Headband –

I actually gave birth wearing a Lele Sadoughi headband, so it will always make the expectant mama list, as well as being the greatest mom hack of all time. You will always look extra polished putting on one of these lovelies. And, yes, when it comes to quality headbands, there is a difference, and this brand LASTS! Gray Knitted Headband, $75.00.

14. Sexier Nursing Bras –

While pumping and nursing can sometimes make feel like you’re nothing more than a milk machine, bras like these from The Dairy Fairy can make you feel a little more beautiful throughout the process! Ayla Luxury Lace Bra, $54.00.

15. A Monogrammed Robe –

Whether it’s for just out of the bath, for a night on the couch waiting for baby to arrive, or because it’s just plain easier to nurse in nothing but a robe, this one from Monica & Andy has your needs covered! Organic Lounge Robe, $65.00.

There you have it! If you find yourself stuck on what to get your partner, sister, or friend, hopefully this list helps! Or, if you’re shopping for yourself, congrats! Happy holidays!

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links where I earn from qualifying purchases.

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