A Virtual Baby Celebration

May 5, 2021

I don’t even know what to call this thing–a shower, a sprinkle, a girls’ night, a women’s circle? I guess a baby celebration will do, but, when it came to honoring my current pregnancy and baby number three, I went very untraditional. Why? Well, we’re living through a pandemic, so I did not feel comfortable with an in-person event, and virtual traditional baby showers are tough to pull off. It’s also my third baby. I didn’t have any sort of in-person or virtual “sprinkle” for my second, so it would have felt a little odd trying to throw one for myself now. Instead, I thought about what I really wanted: A night with the girls.

I haven’t seen girlfriends in a very long time. My sisters live far away and I have just one local girlfriend that visits my backyard. Limiting my Covid exposure has been pretty isolating, so I couldn’t think of a better time than a Zoom with friends. Group Zooms are tough, though. There are connection delays, and people seem to always be talking over each other. I knew I needed to keep it small, and have activities to keep us occupied, and still make it possible for each person to chat and be involved. I thought about having a painting party or a cooking lesson, but I really wanted something more intimate. A girlfriend of mine had an amazing Women’s Circle honoring her second pregnancy a while back in New York City. She dressed as a goddess and invited us all to the Gramercy Park Hotel where we had a quiet night of meditation and visualization exercises in her baby’s honor. The night was beautiful, and it was full of connection and good snacks. I wanted something like that.

So, I looked to my girl Erin the Urban Mermaid. She is my go-to for all things psychic and zodiac. Her services include psychic readings, tarot, reiki, birth charts, and more. While meditation is not my thing because I cannot sit still (which probably means I could benefit greatly from it), psychic readings are. I decided a mini-reading for each of my guests and a longer one at the end for me, would be a fun, enlightening way to honor my pregnancy and friends.

But, psychic readings for twelve people could take a little bit of time, and could be a little boring to listen to, especially if you do not know the other guests. For a hands-on, side activity, we all created vision boards! The vision boards kept us busy, but still allowed us to be present and listen to each other’s reading and offer insights and words of encouragement. The vision board theme was setting the intention for the life we want after Covid, or in general, really, and we cut and pasted while everyone had a turn to ask Erin a question she could expand on. Erin provided psychic readings on all topics–from parenthood, careers, health, dealing with relatives, and love. It was a really great time to open up and dive deep in a safe space.

Ahead of the event, I sent each friend a little goodie box. I wanted to get people excited, make the event feel as close to an in-person one as possible, and help my friends feel special! In each box, I included some favorite snacks: Whisps Cheese Crisps, ONE Protein Bars in Birthday Cake, and Undercover Snacks Chocolate-Covered Quinoa Crisps. I included vision board supplies like gel/glitter glue pens, glue sticks, rhinestone stickers, and some very bizarre, but hilarious stickers that came in a mystery assortment from Amazon! I also threw in some self-care goodies, like eye masks, and wishing bracelets from Etsy! Guests only had to join with scissors, old magazines, a poster board, a lighter (see below) and their favorite cocktail or mocktail!

The boxes also included sticks of ethically-sourced Palo Santo. Erin guided us as we lit the sticks as part of a cleansing, therapeutic close to the evening.

It was a lovely night and I’m very thankful to my friends who joined, and also pitched in to get me two weeks of a postpartum meal service. My kitchen is under construction, and I’m bound to be very tired with soon-to-be three children, so the gift of time, nourishment, and relaxation is much appreciated. Big thanks to Erin for her talents and professionalism. A thank you to a girlfriend who couldn’t make the event, but did send me new, cozy pajamas to wear during. And, to my husband, for going out and getting me a special dinner and dessert, putting the kids to bed, and ensuring I had peace and quiet, and a full water the whole time!

If this idea isn’t your thing, I hope you’re still inspired to feel special even if your friends are all far away! The journey to motherhood can be so overwhelming emotionally and physically, so take time to honor yourself and the experience!

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