The Why

Hello! This is sort of my house-warming, so thanks for stopping by. After about a decade of blogging, here and there, on dedicated sites for my passions of travel, restaurant reviews, and cooking, I was forced to take a break. I became a mom, and found that the hobbies that were once a HUGE part of my world, just didn’t fit into my new schedule of baby feedings, baby music classes, baby weaning, baby baths, baby diaper changes, baby play dates, baby swimming, baby, baby, BABY! My daughter had completely taken over my life.

After the new mom fears/excitement/confusion subsided, and I settled into my new role, I eventually found my way back to the activities I had always loved. But, I never thought I would be able to get back to blogging, since I could never spend enough time on a single subject again. Then, I realized…this scattered, busy, never-enough-time-to-focus-on anything, roller coaster-while sometimes-mundane, emotional life is just one thing. A big thing. It’s called motherhood. 

So here I am! Writing about all of it, because all of it is important. Moms make the world go round because we’re often the ones that are relied on from morning till bedtime, without much of a break, or working all day to work a whole different type of shift when back home. For this, I believe taking time for ourselves is an absolute priority. Us mamas are totally deserving of feeling our best, looking fresh, and getting out for wine nights, in between being a Wonder Woman at home. So stay with me while I, too, navigate it all, and hopefully provide you with some helpful tips and insights along the way. X

family on a picnic blanket

The Who

I’m your typical thirty-something (hey will I finally get that show my mom used to watch??) married lady (that feels like a girl). After a couple of years of being married to my considerate, loving, patient husband, and having cats for children, we decided to embark on a more accurate definition of parenthood. Our daughter was born in April of 2017, we later lost a cat, and gained another baby in 2019, so now here we are: a dad, a mom, a toddler, a baby, and a cat!  While our little crew is not having the most social media-worthy Saturday nights, we are living our best lives over here, cuddled up, eating something I destroyed the kitchen to make, and planning our next family adventure!

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The Where

After a long-distance courtship, between the US and the UK, my husband and I married, and I made the move to London. There, I spent a few amazing years in a beautiful city, traveling, learning, and becoming a mom. Last year, we decided to bring our daughter to the motherland, back near family and old friends, and made the move to New York City. We currently reside in the Upper West Side, and are enjoying exploring our new city as a few Americans still wearing English googles!

The What

So, what can you expect to find here at Mom Uptown? A little of this, and a little of that. And what I mean by “a little,” is really a lot. 

  • Recipe reviews with modifications to bring out the Martha Stewart in you!
  • Mom Uptown Original Recipes for big flavor meals and treats.
  • Full travel reviews with tips on how to make traveling with kids a little easier.
  • NYC restaurant guide with a “do” and “don’t” approach to baby-friendly and grown up options all over the city. 
  • NYC beauty reviews with a “do” and “don’t” guide for the city’s salons & spas, because mama needs time for herself!

(Also included–mom musings, baby spam, inspirational quotes, and fitspo)