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Bacon-Potato Soup with Cheddar and Chives

What an ending to the weekend! The weather was on the warmer side for February which meant that we covered a lot of New York City ground! This tired mama didn’t want to prepare anything too crazy, so here is a Bacon-Potato Soup with…

February 23, 2020

Cheesy Spicy Breakfast Hash

No brunch is complete without some potato and eggs! Chrissy Teigen, as per usual, doesn’t disappoint with her big flavor Cheesy Spicy Breakfast Hash! Perfect for any day of the week if you’re a fan of peppers, onions, potatoes, eggs, cheese, and FLAVOR! Rating:…

February 17, 2020

Spiced Potato Skin Nachos with Crispy Chorizo & Avocado

You wouldn’t necessarily choose a UK recipe for a Mexican-ish dish for an American Super Bowl viewing party, but I like to live on the edge. These Spiced Potato Skin Nachos with Crispy Chorizo & Avocado are different and delicious, but require a few…

February 3, 2020

Chorizo Patatas Bravas Salad

This dish is so simple and so different! I love a good Waitrose Weekend newspaper recipe, but the only problem with a UK recipe is that you may have to improvise on UK ingredients. Once you get passed that, though, this Chorizo Patatas Bravas…

January 17, 2020

Mashed Potatoes with Shallots

I have so many recipes to test for side dishes. That and desserts. I think it’s because I’m always looking to make full dinners that the sides just pile up. That, and sides are delicious. (The latter is due to my major sweet tooth!)…

January 6, 2020

Nutella-Mashed Potato Fudge

Another non-cookie to add to your Christmas cookie packages could be this Nutella-Mashed Potato Fudge, from Stop and Shop! While it has a ton of kinks to work out (see below), anything with Nutella in the title has my attention! Rating: C+ How to…

December 29, 2019

Baked Eggs with Farmhouse Cheddar and Potatoes

My casual, early-Christmas brunch continued with these Baked Eggs with Farmhouse Cheddar and Potatoes, from Food Network. (I spotted these in one of their calendars originally, actually, but below is the online link!) so go ahead and make this simple dish for your next…

December 1, 2019
Cooking Mom Uptown Recipes

Poached Eggs over Red Pepper Potato Patties

After withholding from delicious runny eggs all through my pregnancy, I’m definitely making up for that time off now! My Mom Uptown Original Recipe for Poached Eggs over Red Pepper Potato Patties offers big flavor potato cakes that soak up the runny yolks just…

October 19, 2019

Swedish Meatballs

    I’ve been feeling meatballs lately. I mean, what’s not to love about flavorful little balls of meat that have simmered in some delicious sauce? But I wanted to switch it up from basic Italian and head north. In my past life, I…

July 12, 2019

Potato-Feta Bourekas

    A perfect pastry for some morning visitors and another great use of nigella seeds! These Turkish turnovers, known as Potato-Feta Bourekas, from Martha Stewart Living, are simple and tasty. See modifications below   Rating: A-   How to make it an A+:…

July 6, 2019