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Cheesy Spinach and Meat Lasagna

Love me a lasagna. And, I might say it’s in my top five favorite dinners! Maybe not this Cheesy Spinach and Meat Lasagna, from Good Housekeeping, that has room for improvement, but, really, can you ever truly mess up cheese, meat, sauce, and noodles?!…

May 25, 2020

Summer Squash & Pecorino Pasta

  Who doesn’t love a summer pasta dish that takes minutes to prep and where the longest step is boiling some pasta! This Summer Squash & Pecorino Pasta, from Good Housekeeping, is a nice reminder that summer is meant to be low-maintenance and flavorful,…

August 9, 2019

Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

    Okay, I love anything that can be left to cook on my counter while I go about my day, but this dish? I do not understand the need for the Crock Pot in this 12 Tomatoes Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese. The recipe…

July 9, 2018