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Rigatoni with Honeynut Squash, Chard & Hazelnuts

I seem to reach for met Weekday Vegetarians cookbook every January, and this Rigatoni with Honeynut Squash, Chard & Hazelnuts was a reminder to reach for it more often! Filling, wholesome, and delicious! Rating: A+ How to make it an A+: No changes needed,…

January 14, 2024
Cooking Mom Uptown Recipes

Thai Basil Salmon Tacos with Sticky Rice

Tacos with a Thai flair coming at you thanks to Lisa’s 1973 INCREDIBLE fresh, plant-based, clean dressings. I used Studio Fifty-Fresh for these Thai Basil Salmon Tacos with Sticky Rice, but be sure to check out the whole Lisa’s 1973 line-up here! Recipe: Serves:…

July 23, 2023

Crunchy Salad with Chicken & Ginger

I really didn’t think I would enjoy this Crunchy Salad with Chicken & Ginger, from Real Simple magazine, without some carbs. I was thinking I would need some noodles, or perhaps a tortilla, but nope, it’s great (and healthy!) just the way it is!…

July 9, 2023

Lemon-Parmesan Chicken and Farro Bowls

Are you looking for a healthy, fresh, whole-grain dinner? Check out this Lemon-Parmesan Chicken and Farro Bowls from AllRecipes for a delicious weeknight meal! Rating: A- How to make it an A+: Very easy and a great flavor, though I do prefer a parmesan-crusted…

March 5, 2023

Vegan Veggie Love Muffins

I love a good muffin I feel good about giving the kids or having myself as a breakfast or snack on the go. Daphne Oz offers healthier versions of everything in her The Happy Cook cookbook, and these Vegan Veggie Love Muffins are no…

March 5, 2023

Turkey Veggie Bolognese

I forgot how good a hearty bolognese is! This Turkey Veggie Bolognese, from Daphne Oz, is one to feel good about and just delicious! Details below. Rating: A How to make it an A+: Season GENEROUSLY with salt and pepper. But, other than that,…

March 5, 2023

Sumac-Dusted Salmon With Broccolini

Upgrade your salmon dinner with this Sumac-Dusted Salmon With Broccolini! I gravitated towards this Martha Stewart Living recipe to use up some sumac that was about to expire, but it is definitely one I will be making again! Rating: A+ How to make it…

May 1, 2022

Easy Greek Salmon Bowls

I’ve made big nutrition goals after New Year’s, and I am seeing them through with meals like this! These Easy Greek Salmon Bowls were simple to put together, and delicious! Rating: A How to make it an A+: Really lovely! A great feel-good meal!…

January 23, 2022

Cauliflower-Kale Soup with Toasted Pine Nuts

I had my first indoor dinner with my mom in about two years! It was a special night with some really special food! We started with this Cauliflower-Kale Soup with Toasted Pine Nuts, from Amanda Haas, and later enjoyed Alison Roman’s Halibut with Asparagus…

December 22, 2021

Chocolate-Cherry Muffins

I just love a feel-good breakfast! These Chocolate-Cherry Muffins are packed with a ton of good stuff and minimal sugar, making them a healthy breakfast that can get your through the whole morning! Perfect for an afternoon snack, too! Rating: A How to make…

August 14, 2021