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Chocolate-Cherry Muffins

I just love a feel-good breakfast! These Chocolate-Cherry Muffins are packed with a ton of good stuff and minimal sugar, making them a healthy breakfast that can get your through the whole morning! Perfect for an afternoon snack, too! Rating: A How to make…

August 14, 2021

Roasted Mushroom Mole Enchiladas

I haven’t made a mole sauce in years, so I was SO excited to try out this recipe from Real Simple! These Roasted Mushroom Mole Enchiladas are just delicious! And, tons of bonus points for being filling, yet vegetarian, and so, so easy to…

April 23, 2020

Almond Butter Pancakes

  I feel like I’ve been neglecting my girl Chocolate-covered Katie, so here are some of her delicious Almond Butter Pancakes! She will always have my heart with her healthy alternatives to some decadent favorites. I used whole milk, maple syrup, and wheat flour,…

July 16, 2019

Real-Food Protein Bars

    I can’t have ingredients kicking around my house too long. Partially because I live in a NYC apartment and am a little OCD/obsessed with Marie Kondo, but also because everything expires before you know it. So, I was ready to say goodbye…

February 8, 2019