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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 2022

February 1, 2022

It’s Love Month! My favorite, because just after Valentine’s Day is my birthday, and both days to look forward to help a very cold month from dragging on!

Moms work hard all year long, so I’m a huge supporter of days that celebrate just HER. Not a woman as a mom, like Mother’s Day, but a woman as the woman she is to her sweetheart. My husband and I don’t get a lot of time to celebrate our bond, so I appreciate the days that highlight the love between us after all these years! While I’ll never put his gifts online (because he’s nosy), I will surely put my wishlist up for him to find! See below if you need to inspire your partner, too, or, if you’re looking to treat yourself this year!

1. VAHAN Diamond Bracelets

I finally found a bracelet that any mom with little kids can appreciate. VAHAN’s stackable diamond bracelets, made with sterling silver and 14k gold, are pretty enough for special occasions, but durable for the everyday! Start with one special piece and, over time, build a beautiful VAHAN stack that you can wear forever!

2. Heart Purse from Kate Spade

I don’t think there could be a better time to gift a heart purse! This one, from Kate Spade, is absolutely adorable, and on sale! Note: Final sale items go quickly!

3. Undies from Hanky Panky

Give the gift of cute undies she actually WANTS to wear! A long time ago, I realized Hanky Panky thongs were the ONLY undies for me!

4. Plants from Bloomscape

I’m not one for fresh-cut flowers. I’d much prefer plants filling my home all year long! Bloomscape offers potted plants shipped right to your door, and you can even filter by pet-friendly, which is very important for my cat-filled home! Order by February 3rd for Valentine’s Day delivery.

5. Cake Truffles and Pops from Mini Melanie

Mini Melanie’s Valentine Gift Bundle gives back to the organization YourMomCares! Beautiful, delicious, and making a difference!

6. Le Creuset Cast-Iron Heart

For the cooks! I would just love to add this Le Creuset Cast-Iron Heart to my cooking and serving collection!

7. Olivewood Heart Spoon

To go with that lovely pot, here is an Olivewood Heart Spoon!

8. Dinner Dates Couples Cookbook

This whole cookbook is a fun, team-building exercise. Put the kids to bed, and have some fun in the kitchen with couples recipes and fun scratch-off sections in Dinner Dates from The Adventure Challenge.

9. Sushi Kit

Another very fun couples activity is to make sushi together! Do all the prep ahead of time, then just get creative! This DIY Sushi Kit is a great way to get yourself set up for a fun night!

10. Personalized Champagne

Personalize this beautiful bottle of Moët for a very special Valentine’s Day touch!

11. Classic Louboutins

With their red soles, I consider Louboutins the ultimate Valentine’s Day shoe. Gift classic black, or get ready for spring with the beige and red combo!

12. Silk Wrap Dress

I love this feminine silk wrap dress! A special gift to flatter many shapes!

13. Birdies Slippers

Have you ever seen a more lovely house shoe? I’m obsessed with all things Birdies!

14. Nesara House Dress

To go with my house shoes, a lovely, comfortable house dress from Nesara.

15. Silk Robe

I seem to always be in need of a new robe. And what better occasion to gift a luxurious silk robe than Valentine’s Day?

16. Lingerie

Fleur du Mal has high-end, tasteful lingerie for all shapes, sizes, and ages, including this gorgeous bodysuit.

17. Sleep Mask

Give the gift of beauty sleep with this Washable Sleep Mask in an assortment of colors.

18. Silk Pillowcase

Better for your skin and hair, silk pillowcases are all the rage, and quite beautiful!

19. Facial Skincare Set

Pretty in pink, cruelty-free, affordable, natural skincare that works!

20. Herbal Full Body Skincare Set

Natural skincare from Ora’s Amazing Herbal in a love-themed box!

21. Fun Pajamas

Comfy and cute in the pajamas from Jamby’s!

22. Sunglasses

My all-time favorite accessory. These Celine sunnies are on my wish list!

23. A Box of Chocolates

The best of Litchfield County that ships nationwide! Thorncrest Farm is a working dairy farm that makes their own chocolates on site. Just delicious!

24. Poetry

For the romantic. Write a sweet message in the inside cover, or secure a signed copy of your favorite poetry. Here is a thoughtful choice.

25. Custom Art

Is there a landmark that means a lot to your relationship? Where you got engaged? Married? Your first home? The Scenic Route Shop will create and ship amazing custom art right to you!

I hope you found this list helpful and it makes all your Valentine’s Day dreams come true! Have fun treating yourself, your partner, or your gal pal! <3

Michelle Rose Sulcov/

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links where I earn from qualifying purchases.

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