Toddler Girl Gift Guide

December 2, 2019

Here is my gift guide for if you have a precocious little two-and-a-half year old! Now we’re in the age where everything is basically unisex—boys can like “girl” things and girls can like “boy” things—but I’m labeling this a girl’s gift guide because it’s for my girl. And she has pretty much slid herself into the “girl” mold, refusing to wear anything that isn’t pink or purple “because pink and purple are my favorite colors.” I don’t like to give in entirely to a world of rainbows, sparkles, and unicorns, and do like to emphasize some of the more gender-neutral characters she likes. I also look to help grow her imagination and inspire her! So here is what you will find under my Christmas tree!

Well, before we get to under the tree, let’s cover Advent calendars! I think my daughter will really get into hers this year, but I had to make sure I wasn’t setting her up to fail. Meaning, I needed one sealed shut so she couldn’t look ahead. Even though there are some extremely beautiful versions with little drawers or pouches that you can fill yourself, I had to opt for the old, perforated cardboard type that I grew up on as a kid. And because her joy is more important than my aesthetics (well, just sometimes), I got her this Paw Patrol one. She’s going to freak. Christmas made.

I also got her this Pete the Cat Christmas book to add to our holiday collection and help get her excited! Though Christmas doesn’t require a lot of help…

Now, onto the gift guide:

Musical Instruments: 

She already has an antique trumpet she plays bizarrely often, and electronic drumsticks, so I’ve added to her collection this tambourine and this roll-up piano. And, if she wants to be the frontman of her little band, this Littlefun Karaoke Microphone.

Bath Toys:

Keeping bath toys clean is really a losing battle. We’ve added these Daniel Tiger, Unicorn family, and Frozen bath toys to her collection.


Speaking of Frozen…Frozen 2 is upon us, and my daughter just saw the original Frozen for the first time, so our house is currently consumed with Elsa and Ana. To enable this obsession, in addition to the Frozen bath toys, my daughter will have this Elsa dress and wig, and these Frozen Colorforms under the tree! And, to go with her Frozen gown (and add to her dress-up collection) these glamorous jewels from Super Smalls are amazing!


My toddler is very much into independent play and pretend with any little object. While Lego Duplos are great, we have a ton, so this year we’re adding this Peppa Pig Playset. She also fell in love with this Maileg matchbox mouse when we went to Camp stores, so I know this little lady will be a hit!


I recommend anything kitchen-related for your little lady. Mine has pots, pans, fruits, veggies, Mexican food, cupcakes, an apron…so now we’ve added this pizza set, cookie set, and ice cream set to her collection!


And, along the same lines, this Moulin DIY Suitcase will allow our girl to safely work on projects alongside her daddy!

Bitty Baby:We have the American Girl Bitty Baby, so we’ve told friends and family to just get her parts of the collection. We didn’t love the look of the high chair, so instead bought her this cute, space-saving doll chair from Pottery Barn Kids.

Amazon Wishlist:

My daughter spent weeks circling what she wanted in the Amazon Wishlist Toy Catalog, so of course Santa has to bring something from that book. He chose the Minnie Walk & Dance Unicorn.

A Little Bit of Everything:

MoMA Animal Parade Puzzle

-NYC Magnet Puzzle

Pete the Cat PJS

Lacing Cards

Green Toys Firetruck

Donald Duck to add to her collection 

Mommy and Me Best Friends Bracelets 

Sisters matching outfits

Rainbow Window Decals (She already has these, but soooo many people ask me about them)

Stocking Stuffers:

Piggie Paint non-toxic nail polish 

Peppa Magna Doodle

Day-of-the-Week Undies


Sesame Street Bombas

Giant Crazy Crayon


Annie’s Fruit Snacks

Earth’s Best Elmo Bars

The Big Stuff:

Her big gifts include a balance bike (her scooter was last year) with streamers, and an Amazon Fire HD Kids tablet (airplanes, car rides, doctors offices—I can have my phone back)! 

I hope this little list inspires you ahead of the big day–both Cyber Monday and Christmas, of course! Hopefully, since I’m done so early, I don’t get sucked in to the holiday deals and double this list! Check back, just in case. And, if you’re also looking for New York City, toddler-friendly activities, be sure to check out last year’s post “25 Days of Christmas NYC!” Happy Shopping!

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