Tiny Toys for Tiny Babies

November 20, 2019
Baby's First Toys

While my baby is still a baby, I wanted to share with you my top picks for 0-6 month toys and teethers. I didn’t buy anything new this time around, all of these items had already been tested and approved by my first baby! Baby number two appreciates them just as much!

We’re very traditional in our forms of play and do not use any of the stationary or walking devices that are not recommended by the AAP and other healthcare professionals. You will not find jumpers or walkers or swings in our house.  Nope, just a bouncer that moves by her own motion that we use minimally, a baby gym (which is probably the single-most useful item in new baby life), and small toys and books, which I feature below. I do not prop my kids up often, but instead encourage them to build their own strength through tummy time and reaching and grabbing. So, without further ado, what are my kids reaching for? 



Rattles will captivate your child. This one, from Anne Claire Petit, was given to me as a gift and has now become my go-to for gift-giving. It’s easy to grasp, colorful, has a pleasing sound, and a great crocheted texture and appearance. It’s also machine washable! We have a variety of other rattles in assorted materials hanging around our house. Manhattan Toy Company has an impressive, captivating collection. Another classic: baby’s first set of keys. And, not quite a rattle, but this faux-crinkle Baby Paper is a safe way to satisfy your child’s paper obsession!

Baby's First Rattle and Paper


Tana Hogan’s Black & White book is a classic, and pretty much the first item your new baby will be able to interact with. Just a couple minutes at a time will provide more than enough stimulation for a new babe that is beginning to see the world. It can stand up alongside her, and eventually be used as a more proper book as she begins to identify shapes. After this book, soft books are the safest way to expose your child to words, pictures and textures! I also like to include some board books with a variety of textures to introduce her to the idea of them. But, be careful, since you don’t need your baby gumming cardboard or dropping it on her face. Use this to read with her, or as an incentive to roll and reach! The “That’s Not My…” series is one of my favorites. Musical board books are also great, too.

Baby's First Books


Sophie the Giraffe still reigns supreme in the world of teethers (despite all the cleaning concerns). I also enjoy the Chewbeads bracelet, and others that offer a mix of textures and make it easy to hang on to. 


Natural materials are great for children’s development. That’s right, the old wooden spoon in a metal bowl will be your friend. Before you get to that stage, introduce some wooden blocks, like these from Brio, which have a mix of colors, textures, movements and sounds.

Baby's First Blocks


A few others worth noting, spiral stroller or carseat toys and, of course, some sweet little stuffed animals and blankets to love on!

And, there you have it. Goodies for your little one! I keep them in baskets dispersed around my house. Check these suggestions out for yourself, your next baby shower, or for holiday stocking stuffers! Happy baby, happy mama! 

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