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Sweet Slumber with a Smart Sleep Coach

October 22, 2023

I have been passionate about sleep coaching and training since my first child. Sleep is not just a gift reserved for non-parents or the lucky few, it’s fundamental in being able to show up as your best self your yourself and for those around you. Many don’t realize it’s attainable if given the right resources. A resource like the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers. I am so excited to give you my honest review of this app, but first, story time!

Once upon a time, 6 years ago, I was a fragile shell of a human. I had a six-month old still sleeping in my bedroom, waking every 45 minutes to suck herself to sleep while listening to my 400th rendition of “Hush Little Baby.” I was broken. And she felt broken. There were no long sleep stretches, and there was no relief for my sore body and mind. 

These were my hardest days as a new mom. In early newborn land, I saw that every day was getting easier so I had hope. This six-month sleep regression took that hope away. There was no light at the end of this tunnel. Well, not that I could see, anyway. It was my first baby and I had no one to guide me. I didn’t know this was common and normal, or that it really wouldn’t take a lot to get us back on track. 

Then, one day I was passed a phone number that saved my sanity. The owner of my gym told me about the “Baby Whisperer.” This was when we were living back in England and my gym owner also happened to train David Beckham. I thought for sure there was no way I would be able to afford James Duigan’s Super-Nanny. But, in desperation and willingness to take out a second mortgage to solve this problem, I dialed the number. To my surprise, she was just £200. Not bad for a home visit, a personalized plan, and a guarantee that my baby would be night sleeping 7-7 and napping from 9-10 and 12-2:30. Okay, more than not bad, it seemed like an impossible dream. But nope, after one week, that was my new life. I took what I learned and went on to have two more dream sleepers. And now, I am really passionate about sharing the news that sleep is accessible, and that your baby is not broken, it’s just not trained to sleep yet!

Now, not everyone has a magical Mary Poppins ready to offer you a spoonful of sleep, but I have the next best thing. Pampers now offers the tools for a good night’s sleep within their new app: Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers

The first thing I loved about the app, aside from it’s clean and easy-to-use interface, was that it was open to any type of parent. I’m a “cry it out” mom. With this app, you don’t have to be. Or you could choose that option as the one that best defines you. I’m not a bed-sharing mom, but this app works with all parents. You pick the options that best describe your parenting style! It’s very inclusive. Their goal is not to only work with one type of person, but instead help every type of caregiver.

So, when you first sign up you tell the app about you and your baby. Your parenting style and your current situation. Since I don’t have a baby right now, I thought of my darkest days back in London, 2017, and added that schedule as a sample. I wanted to be able to give you the most thorough review, so sample baby “A” is based off of my own experiences. After telling the app about your baby in a 3-minute quiz and starting your 7-day free trial, you can then start to explore the tips, suggested schedule, and take mini-courses. 

The app really spells a lot out for you. It goes through an ideal sleep space, breaking down ideal lighting, noise, and temperature. It talks sleepy cues and wake windows. And, there’s a Knowledge Center to tackle all sorts of questions designed by Pediatric Sleep Consultants and Pediatricians. I love that you can track within the app and that you can ask questions directly to someone from the Smart Sleep Coach team! This app holds your formula for success.

If you’re struggling with a frequent-waker, or if you just want to know the good habits to implement before you fall into bad ones, check out the Smart Sleep Coach by Pampers. Knowledge is power, and this app is full of it! 

Disclosure: A reminder that I may use affiliate links or accept compensation for product reviews.

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