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April 21, 2021

Earth Day is this week, but shouldn’t every day be Earth Day? The environment really needs us looking out for it, so simple, sustainable actions, such as supporting sustainable businesses and really shopping with a cause can make such a difference in the fight against climate change and protecting the creatures of this plant. I’ve put together some of my favorite businesses that truly make an effort to put sustainable products out into this world!

1. Av Norden

First up, one of my favorites for clothing and accessories for women and children! Av Norden sources clothing from companies that use sustainable materials and designs, as well as those with sustainable distribution practices. Very cute and stylish items that last!

2. All the Tiny Rebels

Another great destination for children’s’ clothing is All the Tiny Rebels. The sweet collections of dresses, rompers, and bottoms are all made from recycled dress shirts! You can even donate old shirts for a discount towards a future purchase of their handmade designs!

3. Sara Joy

Accessorize with a scarf or sarong from Sara Joy! All of her products are made in small quantities, with excess fabric being used for hair bows and scrunchies as part of her zero waste initiative!

4. Genusee

Looking for some summer sunnies? Genusee is a sustainable eyewear company that emerged following the Flint water crisis. After going through a large amount of emergency plastic water bottles, and learning a plastic bottle can take 450 years to decompose, the Genusee founder started using plastic bottles to create eyewear!

5. Shop Tomorrows

Shop Tomorrows is all about keeping the lifecycle of clothing going. This online consignment shop doesn’t take a cut of the seller’s item, but rather encourages shopping from other sellers on the site to keep the circle of reducing and reusing going! Buy or sell new and gently used items on Shop Tomorrows site today!

6. Romp + Tumble

Another way to keep a garment’s lifecycle going is through the clothing rental service Romp + Tumble! Instead of purchasing more and more, rent boxes according to your child’s size!

7. Kinder By Nature

And, to shift gears a little bit! Planning for baby number three has me focused on how wasteful wipes can be. We often focus so much on what ingredients are being put onto sensitive skin, that we don’t always pay attention to the materials administering them! Kinder By Nature wipes have amazing 100% biodegradable and compostable options that help new moms and babies, as well as the environment!

8. Purely in Wild

Now for skincare products and packaging! One of my favorite companies is Purely in Wild! It’s a new, small business that is slowly rolling out high-quality, natural products in eco-friendly packaging! They have anti-itch sticks for summer bites (great for kids), coffee serum for clean skincare (for adults), and a new lip balm (for all)!

9. Nuud Deodorant

Looking for a natural and effective deodorant that also has sustainable distribution channels and biodegradable, bioplastic sugarcane packaging? Look no further! Nuud Deodorant has you covered!

10. Juni Essentials

While we’re on the topic of personal hygiene, check out Juni Essentials! They offer high-quality bamboo toothbrushes and natural toothpaste for a sustainable oral care solution!

11. Ingredients Matter

We use Ingredients Matter Laundry Soap in our home for an all-natural coconut flake product that eliminates the need for plastic jugs! Clean for your body and the environment!

12. Hive

And for a one-stop shopping option, check out Hive! The online marketplace has household essentials that include pantry items and health and beauty products, that meet the brand’s impressive ingredient and sustainability standards!

13. DeliverZero

Are you hungry? This is for NYC-based folks right now, but hopefully DeliverZero will be available nationwide in the near future! This restaurant food delivery service brings food in reusable containers that get collected by a courier during your next order! Why is this service needed? Because NYC tosses a billion plastic takeout containers each year!

14. Cre8ive Crayonz

Looking for something for the kids? Cre8ive Crayonz is a mom-owned business that recycles broken crayons and repurposes them into kid-friendly designs, shapes, and custom names. Perfect for any little, and especially great for birthday party favors!

15. Green Toys

And for more repurposed, recycled children’s entertainment, check out Green Toys! Their diverse product lines include only items made from recycled food-grade plastic and are sent in 100% recyclable and/or recycled packaging!

Progress over perfection, and these fifteen items are a start! Check these companies out today so we can all have a better tomorrow! And share your favorite companies in the comments below. Happy Earth Day!

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links where I earn from qualifying purchases.

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