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Summer Camp with Sawyer!

March 22, 2021

Have you thought about summer camp yet? The weather is changing, spring is here, and before you know it, school will be out! Whether your kids are currently enrolled virtually, or in-person, you’ll want to check out the latest and greatest summer camp offerings from Sawyer!

Sawyer is an online booking site which connects parents and kids with classes, camps, and special events in their area, or, virtually, throughout the country! Their easy-to-use platform is searchable by age, location, interest, trending, date, and more, for a truly personalized list of programs to keep your kids entertained!

Just yesterday, my girls participated in a virtual ballet class right from our living room! My oldest is very convinced that she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up, so I thought it was time to properly introduce her to the dance form. She had taken a ballet class when she was two years old, but then life happened, we moved north, there was a little pandemic, and we just didn’t know where to look! Thankfully with Sawyer, we were able to find a live, in-person class that had a virtual option! We didn’t have to leave our house to watch an experienced teacher instruct us on first position and how to raise little ballerina arms as if we were scooping up flowers are placing a crown on top of our heads. It was adorable.

But, while I totally believe children need to be exposed to new ideas a number of times before ruling them out, I do not think my daughter is a future ballerina. She wanted to wear a wig, use her karaoke microphone to break out in song, and show the teacher her freestyle moves the entire hour. The dainty movements and calm structure is not for her. And, that is okay! Back to Sawyer we go! My goal is to trial and error as much as possible so my daughters are never left saying “What if?” and feel like they missed their opportunity to hone some level of their greatness.

The Sawyer Summer Camp offerings are broken up into six categories: Stem, Sports, Art, Performance, Outdoor, and Academic. All such fun, and important topics to cover for a child’s well-rounded development. For us, outdoor is covered now that we have moved to an area with a ton of land, hiking trails, and conservation centers. But my little performer needs to find the type of music, dance, and theater she would thrive in, so we’ll probably dabble in a little bit of everything in that category! Also, Stem is always a good idea and art is always so much fun! I also can’t wait to check out the sports in our area since the winter felt so long, and we’ve been cooped up for some time. My daughter has only requested to try surfing, which is obviously not happening any time soon, so we’ll see what she is interested in this year. And, we all know that academics are vital. So, we’re excited about all the different categories!!

You’ll find the Sawyer website extremely easy to use, and your own personal profile will have your list of favorites and classes that you might like, which is very handy! And, the Summer Camp offerings can be easily viewed starting TODAY! You’ll notice the link brings you right to some favorites in my area, covering in-person and virtual for New York City and Connecticut! But, add your zip code and preferences for your personalized experience!

And, not only can you secure your child’s place in a virtual and in-person camp today, but you can also get 20% off a ton of camp sessions with the code DISCOVER! Don’t hesitate because these slots will go fast after the year we’ve had. People are itching to get back to normalcy and keep their kids entertained throughout the summer. Plus, so many parents rely on their children being in a safe and educational environment so they can work. This will help bridge that gap between June and September school semesters! So, head to Sawyer today to solve your summer needs!

And comment below with your child’s favorite activities! Do you have a budding ballerina on your hands? Or perhaps the next Iron Chef? Parenthood is magical and helping these littles find their way is so, so, special. My first daughter definitely beats to her own drum, so I’m very excited to see where that raw independence takes her. My youngest? She’s the deep-thinker, so some intense coding and STEM classes will probably suit her next! Baby number three–I can’t wait to find out!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article, and may contain affiliate links. However, these are honest statements and I am happy to support the company I am discussing with you today. Happy parenting!

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