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Postpartum Must-Haves

June 23, 2021

Ah, postpartum life. Let’s be honest, it can be rough. It was rough with baby number one when I lived away from family in another country and had never done it before. (Especially after a traumatic birth, complete with severe blood loss.) It was rough after baby number two, when I was learning to juggle multiple children. And it’s definitely rough now, isolated during a pandemic, with my own zoo of three children, two cats, and a tiny house/construction zone. Whether you have trauma, multiple children, help or not, home/job/relationship issues, whatever, postpartum is still hard! The hormones, going from carrying a baby to delivering it, which is very extreme and can feel traumatic in itself, the healing—mamas are truly strong and amazing beings! 

Now that I’m a week-and-a-half into this latest postpartum journey, I’ve reflected on some amazing products that have kept me sane and afloat during these times. See below, and don’t worry, Mama, you got this!!

1. Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle

Move over Medline! I saved the Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle for when I got home, but I wished I brought it for the early hospital days as well. So much easier to squeeze, target specific areas, and spray. Not the most glamorous tool, but, hey, it’s postpartum. $15.99

2. Silverette Cups

I have been using Silverette Cups 24/7 (outside of cleaning them, showering, and nursing), and I have to say, I’m a convert! Move over nipple creams that I don’t want my baby ingesting, hello sterling silver cups. While they look obvious under your clothing, they’re worth it. I’ve had zero blisters/cracked nipples/extreme pain during my breastfeeding journey with baby number three! They are comfortable enough to wear constantly and sleep in, and made of sterling silver, a natural antimicrobial! Bonus: You can make silver keepsake necklace charms out of the cups when you’re done using by sending back to the company! $59.90

3. Nyssa Go Fourth Deluxe Postpartum Recovery Kit

After birth and during the early days of breastfeeding, you’ll be sore up too and down below. The Nyssa Care Go Fourth Deluxe Postpartum Recovery Kit includes a comfortable nursing bra/underwear wear combo and hot and cold packs that slip right into the undergarments! I would probably suggest getting two sets of each pack so two breast packs and one underwear pack can stay in the freezer, and the others would be ready to heat in the microwave. Also, note that you will be wearing the bra during engorgement (which will likely be the time your breasts are the largest), so consider sizing up! $99.00

4. Skip Hop Light-Up Diaper Caddy

We have a caddy on each floor of the house that includes all of our diaper-changing essentials. The Skip Hop Light-Up Diaper Caddy has a nice, structured body, and includes a little nightlight! Ours are filled with cloth and disposable changing pads, cotton balls and a hospital peri bottle for dampening, since we do not use wipes for the first month. Wipes for my hands in case I need them overnight. Diapers, creams, a burp cloth, our Monbaby button (see below), and more! $39.99

5. Bambo Nature Changing Mats

Disposable changing pads are SO handy in the beginning. Newborns can be unpredictable and having a pad underneath during diaper changes can save you from needing tons of spare cloth mats and doing constant laundry. Bambo Nature Changing Mats are eco-friendly with multiple sustainability certifications for guilt-free diaper changing! Bonus: They’re great for giving babies naked time to breathe and explore before baths! $9.25

6. Hatch Maternity Hatch-to-Hospital Box

This gift set made me feel like a million bucks post-baby! The Hatch Maternity Hatch-to-Hospital Box includes socks, a nightgown, and a robe that are so soft and gorgeous, perfect for immediately after birth and later to become a staple at home! The underwear is so comfortable, and great for the postpartum body! $248.00

7. Rahoo Lounger

I’m loving the Rahoo Lounger! Between our bassinet, portable chair, and bouncer, I thought we were covered! But the Rahoo Lounger allows us to have the baby chilling close to us on a soft surface, like the couch, but be elevated slightly to really interact with us without having to be holding him up. Just a comfortable way to have our little buddy near! Bonus: The lounger can be flipped over for a comfortable, but firm tummy time surface. $99.99

8. BabyConnect App

I’ve used this tracking app with each one of my children. BabyConnect allows me to sync with my husband and track our baby’s daily feeds, diapers, and hours of sleep. It helps us identify patterns and highlights if anything is off. It gives us information to provide to our pediatrician and has an area to store growth details and analyze percentiles. While it was free of charge when we first started using 4+ years ago, the $4.99/month is still not bad for our short-term use. 

9. Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest has come in clutch this time around! Our house is under construction, but with three kids, 4 and under, having some nutritious breakfasts and lunches have been life-saving! The monthly deliveries are reasonably priced, and I really love the meal choices! The Harvest, Oat and Chia bowls are my favorite. I don’t have the space for smoothies just yet, and the ice cream and flatbreads didn’t wow me, but those three categories make this girl very full and happy!! Starting at $5.99/item

10. American Girl Bitty Baby Accessories

My girls both got Bitty Babies from American Girl for their 2nd birthday. With each addition to our family, the newborn baby has given a gift to the older child(ren) in the form of accessories to help take care of their existing babies. It really makes them feel special, and encourages them to understand what babies require and get excited about it! It really kept them occupied the first couple days home! Accessories starting at $6.00

11. Project Nursery Portable Sound Soother

This was my first time bringing a sound machine to the hospital and I’m so glad I did! With baby number two, we had a roommate and were near a very loud nurses station full of the type of squeaking and clanking that wakes newborns. I was preparing for the same problem, but this time, it was too quiet! The Project Nursery Portable Sound Soother gave my baby some comfort of the coziness he had in the womb, and gave me some sleep! I’m still using it bedside now, but will switch to our permanent one soon, and put this one away for travel. $12.99

12. Extra Bedside Light 

I add a small globe light to my nightstand with each baby. Dimmer than my regular lamp, and easier to click off and on makes for a calming nighttime environment. This is perfect for overnight feeds and diaper changes that I do all from my spot in bed (with my handy diaper caddy next to me!) This is the one I have bedside which I purchased when I lived back in England, but here is also a less expensive, US option.

13. Monbaby Baby Breathing Monitor

The Monbaby Baby Breathing Monitor gives me such peace of mind. It’s just a small button that clips onto a baby’s sleep suit and is able to track temperature, breathing, and positioning. It sounds an alarm if anything is concerning. I need to sleep soundly for the couple hours I get here and there, and the Monbaby really gives me the tool to do just that. $89.99

14. Hey Mama Kitchen Lactation Cookies

These cookies are the best! Something I love to gift new moms, so naturally I had to gift them to myself!! The Hey Mama Kitchen Lactation Cookies are my definite must, postpartum or not!!! $28.95

There are some items I used to swear by that dropped off the list: My perfect bassinet that isn’t in production anymore. My Boppy pillow that I don’t need now that I have a couch with bolster pillows. Netflix, now that I have other children I don’t watch shows around. My Apple Watch now that I’m not pushing a stroller around a city all day. Times change. Each postpartum journey will be different. But, I hope this list helps make whatever yours looks like a little easier! Leave questions or comments below! And, CONGRATULATIONS!

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links where I earn from qualifying purchases.

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