Post-Postpartum Fashion

October 30, 2019
Five Months Postpartum. The New, but Happy, Me

Ah, the postpartum body. It is said that you gain five permanent pounds with each child, so it makes sense that I’m exactly ten pounds heavier than my pre-(first) baby body. 

Side Note: This post is not saying I need to lose ten pounds, or for people to say I shouldn’t. I’m naturally slim, and that was just my normal.

That said, I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m trying to tone. But, I’m someone that very much lives in the present. I do not have aspirational jeans. I just want to look and feel good. And, since I’m larger and a different shape than before, none of my clothes fit. I got by after my first child, but this time I truly had to start from scratch.

So, insert this post—“Post-Postpartum Fashion!” I’m feeling like my old self again—getting out of the house more (even with now two kids), going longer between nursing, and I feel compelled to get out of leggings–you know–wear actual clothes! So, I needed a new wardrobe to match! While my degree is in fashion design, I focus more on mom life on here, but I combined my interests and put together a thoughtful little post for you. Read below for a practical wardrobe list for starting from scratch and putting together a good clothing base for the new you!

This is not a “postpartum” checklist–use whatever giant underwear, nursing tank tops, maternity leggings, pajamas that you want (or go naked)–that time is all about ease and comfort. This is a “post-postpartum” list. You’re still technically (maybe forever) postpartum, but you want to look good, feel good, and be able to run after way too many children in style.

How do you achieve this without totally breaking the bank? You create a base. A solid base that will cover you through multiple seasons. One that is based on neutrals and classics, not on trends. Trends expire, but basics will live on.

I started by making a list. What desperately needed an upgrade, what did I need for practical reasons, what did I need to feel a little special. This was my list:

Underwear–This one gives you an instant boost of confidence. Build that house from the ground up.

Bras–My nursing bras needed an upgrade, but I also wanted to invest in regular bras, too. Many of my evening events are without children, so I’ve made the conscious decision to only wear nursing bras when I am actually nursing! This is an important separation of me as a being and me as a caretaker. And I love breastfeeding. I just don’t need to be prepared to do it at every single moment in this stage of my postpartum journey.

Leggings–Because I still want to laze around the house but maybe no longer in the tattered maternity version.

Basic Tees–My white ones were yellow, my black ones were faded, and where did the gray go? Time to step. it. up.

Jeans–Yup, Mom Jeans. Because, I’m a mom, my body has changed in many ways, and I needed to stop feeling bad about having only two pairs that fit.

Dress Pants–You can’t wear jeans and leggings everywhere…

Graphic Tees–Because the casual Mom that needs to shower still deserves to look cool.

Tops–Any-occasion neutrals in my new size were an absolute must!

Dress Tops–Because Mama needs to get out and the holidays are coming!

Sweaters–Some cozy, some sharp. Just in sizes that actually fit.

Coat–Searched for a lightweight, sweater coat and a proper wool one. Neutral colors, comfortable, stylish.

Walking Shoes–Casual is most likely your life, let’s make it cute and comfortable.

Dress Shoes–Because my feet got bigger after two babies! Time for an upgrade! I also got dress versions that are still comfortable!

Nail Polish–I never get out for manicures anymore, so I treated myself to some classic colors for some DIY self-care.

Makeup–I needed a new, subtle-shimmer shadow to make me look ALIVE again.

Diaper Bag–This is probably your most-used accessory. Give yourself an upgrade with baby number two!

Hair Accessories–You’re bound to wear your dirty hair up, may as well do it in style!

Knix Bra and Splendid Leggings for Softness and Support
My Favorite Victoria’s Secret Hiphugger Panties, Victoria’s Secret Basic V-Neck T-Shirt, and a Gap Crewneck T-Shirt
Anthropologie Graphic Tees, including Every Mother Counts (My Favorite Charity that Focuses on Worldwide Maternal Health)
A Cozy Sweater from Madewell, and a Classic, Sleek Style from JCrew
Soft, Stylish, Any-Occasion Neutrals from Club Monaco
A Silk Shirt and Matching Camisole from JCrew
A Neutral Shimmer Top from Reiss
Cropped and Classic Black Pants from JCrew, and High and Slim Jeans from JBrand
Some Dressy, Wide-Leg Fun in these JCrew Pants
A Lightweight, Multi-Season, Sweater Coat from JCrew
A JCrew Coat for the Colder Months
Allbirds for a Winter Sneaker Upgrade
Clarks for a Comfortable Everyday Flat
Marc Fisher Suede Boots and Dr. Martens Lace-Ups to Comfortably Dress Up
A Pottery Barn Kids Diaper Bag, Butter London Nail Polish, JCrew Hair Accessories, and an Urban Decay Eyeshadow

And, there you have it. A perfect foundation to get you started with a new shape and a new Mama’s Got Style outlook! Now, go ahead, and sprinkle in some trends, add pops of color, layer on some jewelry, and take the new you out on the town (or to a kids class, or the post office, or Whole Foods…) Happy Shopping!!

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