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New Mom and Baby Gifts

November 3, 2021

Now that my fourth trimester is behind me, I’ve taken some time to reflect on gifts from friends and family that were really impactful during the early days. It doesn’t take a lot, but a little something to let a new mom know you’re there and thinking of her can mean the world. Check out my round up of some amazing gifts for special women and babies in your life, or even as gifts to yourself. Some of my favorite postpartum goodies were actually purchased by me. Whatever gets you through, and makes you feel comforted during those early months!

1. Lactation Cookies

The cookies from Hey Mama Kitchen make many of my gift guides because I love them so much! Super-nourishing, and not too sweet, these fresh-made cookie gift boxes are a special gift to yourself or others! $28.95

2. Pleni Naturals Mother + Baby Gift Set

This is another one I gift A LOT. My favorite clean skincare for both mom and baby, wrapped together in one nice little set from Pleni Naturals! $84.00

3. Belly Bottle

Pregnant and new (especially breastfeeding) moms drink an INSANE amount of water. Having a water bottle nearby at all times is key, so why not treat a new mom to a nice one! I love a large one, but if you are gifting early on in a pregnancy, check out the Belly Bottle! You add a sticker to the bottle during each week of pregnancy which makes this a very fun and useful gift!! $19.99

4. Newborn Photography

Moms LOVE pictures. Newborn photography can be an expensive luxury, but it’s one any parent can appreciate. Giving the gift of a photography session, or a gift card towards the photographer the family might already be using, is VERY thoughtful. In Northwest Connecticut, we used Nutmeg Photography. Prices vary.

5. In Kind Gift Box

A great option for a new mom and babe is an In Kind Gift Box–a gift box that gives back! Not only is each box full of a ton of very useful and very sweet products (we love the black and white heart swaddle!), but for every box sold, a box is donated to a mom in need! Such a wonderful mission! $100.00

6. Organifi Drinks

I have such a sweet tooth and am always so thirsty, so I treated myself to my favorite teas and drinks from Organifi after my son was born. These drinks tick the sweet box without added sugar and junk! At night, I enjoy the Organifi Gold for relaxation, and during the day I drink the Green Juice and Glow for hydration and collagen support. Starting at $69.95 but 15% off with code MOMUPTOWN

7. Black & White Phone Case

I always purchased a Kate Spade black and white phone for my newborn babies! It would keep their attention so I could snap a pic, and helped offset my guilt by giving them something helpful for their growing brains to look at if I was using my phone! Well, I no longer have to scour the internet for a case that fits the bill. Well, Maisel to the rescue. This company makes high-contrast phone cases made specifically for baby! This might be the most helpful new mom gift she didn’t even know she needed! $30.00 Use code ASHLEY15 for 15% off!

8. Simply Chickie “Just Hatched” Gift Set

This is just the cutest little onesie and hat gift set, perfect for a newborn’s intro to the world! Organic cotton, non-toxic dyes, and made in the USA–Simply Chickie has quality products fit for a new baby! “Just Hatched” Gift Set, $55.00

9. ManiMe Stick-On Nails

I am ManiMe obsessed. Their 10-Free, Toxin-Free, and Cruelty-Free stick-on nails are the only manicures and pedicures that I was willing to use during pregnancy. The past two years I have been limiting my exposure, staying home as much as possible, especially while pregnant and with a newborn. Plus, it’s hard breaking away during those early breastfeeding days, anyway! ManiMe’s stick-on nails are custom fit through their online rendering experience, and come in awesome shades at home. Stay home, stay safe, stay stylish. Give the gift of ManiMe and use code uptownmanis for 20% off your first order. Manicures starting at $12.00

10. Meals for Her

It can be so hard to put meals together in those early days. Especially when you have other kids to care for. The gift of food is such a helpful one for any new mom. Have premade, healthier options is always a win. I treated myself to Daily Harvest and it was the best decision. Having delicious, vegan meals that could be ready in minutes was very helpful. Items starting at $5.99. Get $35 off a box with discount code RE-BRDHEHE

Alternatively, an Uber Eats gift card is very much appreciated, as well!

11. Meals for the Older Kids

Postpartum life is SO much harder when you are caring for older kids on top of a newborn and yourself! Especially since they also need to eat multiple times a day! Help a new mom out with premade meals from Little Spoon! Take them out of the freezer and microwave for a quick option with zero guilt! Plates start at $5.00

12. Artipoppe Carrier

With baby number three, I had everything I needed to take care of the baby, but I did want a little luxury in my life. My Artipoppe carrier was a gift to myself, and would make a very lovely gift for someone else! Carriers begin at $355.00

13. A Baby Wrap

Having a soft and stretchy wrap to wear your baby from day one is convenient, cozy, an easy way to get things done around the house, and a great way for your baby to nap. I love, love, love baby wearing, and highly recommend either a Solly Baby Wrap or a Moby. I have both and use them interchangeably. I would say the Solly is thinner, softer, and allows for a tighter wrap, while the Moby is a little stretchier, but at a lower price point. You truly can’t go wrong with either and both make an amazing gift. Solly Baby Wrap, $69.00. Moby Wrap, $49.00.

14. Flourish Fund Gift Box

Flourish Fund offers gift baskets for all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, that come coupled with wellness experiences! Give the gift of helpful products bundled with in-person or virtual experiences, such as massages, or meetings with sleep consultants, lactation consultants, doulas, and more! Prices starting at $55.99.

15. Wishbeads Bracelet

These bracelets are my absolute favorites. They are SO stunning in person, and just a great gift for any occasion. During my pregnancy, I wore a Wishbeads Bracelet with my son’s name and a positive mantra written on the included paper, and folded up into the clasp. Every time pregnancy felt long or tough, I looked at my bracelet as a manifestation of the good that was about to arrive! Bracelets begin at $48.00. Use code MOMUPTOWN20 for 20% off!

16. A Clean Cookbook

Once a new mom can exercise and starts cooking again, she might want to have some healthy and nourishing recipes on hand. A nice, clean-living cookbook can be helpful for a new mom navigating an ever-changing body! (FYI: As a breastfeeding, new mom, I do not DIET. I just try to make cleaner food choices. My goal is to fill up on more whole ingredients and less sugar!) I was gifted the Conscious Cleanse cookbook and love it! On sale now for $13.57.

17. Elvie

If you’re comfortable enough to buy someone a breast pump, give the gift of Elvie. Or, just buy it for yourself. It’s the Cadillac of pumping, and if you have any idea how terrible pumping can be, to have a nice one that actually makes it enjoyable can be worth a splurge! Single pump, $279.99. Use code MOMUPTOWN15 for 15% off sitewide!

18. Cozy Jammies

Hands down, my favorite jammies to date. This oversized, button-down style from Cozyland by Morgan Lane is just the best! Bonus: They offer matching Mommy and Me looks! Charlie PJ Set, $168.00.

19. MiliMili New Mama Gift Set

And speaking of Mommy and Me! MiliMili makes super-soft rompers for mom and sleep sacks for baby in fun, unisex prints! The Ultimate New Mama Gift Set includes the romper and eye mask for mom and a wearable blanket and hat for baby. Assorted prints, $255.00.

20. Core Method Postnatal Fitness

Method by Katie Breard fitness is just what the doctor ordered after baby! Katie Breard focuses on the core with a fitness program made for moms. Give the gift of her Core Method program! Visit her website and use code Mom_Uptown for $150.00 off her fitness program packages!

I hope this gave you some ideas on ways to spoil the new moms and babies in your life! If you have any questions, comment below or send me an email! What are some of your favorite new mom gifts?

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links where I earn from qualifying purchases.

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