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Nest Diapers Review

July 16, 2021

Just when I get one more kid out of diapers, it’s time to have another one!! While I LOVE the newborn stage, it is quite incredible just how many diapers a little human can require! 

If you’ve been following me for sometime, you know that living a sustainable lifestyle is SO important to me. But, breeding is not a very sustainable concept, in general. The amount of products babies require, with how quickly they grow, how many messes they make—it’s just a lot of money and a lot of stuff. In a perfect scenario, I would use cloth diapers, but, I’m not perfect and I’m a busy mom of three that needed to find a compromise. And, here it is. Nest Diapers are disposable diapers that offer the convenience I need, but without the guilt of what mainstream diapers are doing in landfills!!

So, let me take you through just why Nest Diapers are so great:

1. They Work

My baby is now one month old, and ZERO complaints here! The Nest Diapers are doing their job. Love a sustainable, plant-based product (made of wood, cotton, and renewable resources) that can do the job just as effectively as nasty chemicals!

2. They’re Free of Toxins

I buy organic food, skincare products, detergent, you name it. So, you better believe it is important for me to have gentle and safe diapers on my baby’s body. With the exception of diaper changes, baths, and some open-air time, diapers are against my baby’s skin around the clock! I love that Nest Diapers are TCF (Totally Chlorine-Free), plant-based, free of harmful chemicals and fragrance, and very transparent about their materials.

3. They Have a Wetness Indicator

This isn’t a must-have, but it sure is a nice-to-have! The wetness indicator is a yellow line down the front of the diaper that turns to a shade of blue when your baby has soiled the diaper. Instead of having to stick my finger in the side of the diaper, guess, feel around, or undress an entire baby, a quick peek lets me know if it is time for a change! This is especially helpful at night when I do not want to be changing more diapers than necessary!

4. They’re Compostable

Traditional diapers can take hundreds of years to decompose, but Nest Diapers, if commercially composted, can return to soil in just about 110 days with 87% compostable ingredients. Now, that is impressive. (Currently they are partnered with commercial compost services in Minnesota and California, so you may have to find an independent composter, if you choose to go that route, prior to them adding additional facilities.)

On a side note, I potty train on the earlier side to eliminate diaper waste as much as a I can. Both my girls were trained at 21 months which was nice on the wallet, and for the environment! Another perk: not having to lug around a giant diaper bag! I remember the first time I took my daughter out after being trained and it was so liberating! Just carrying around a subway card, some water, and a small snack. That was a nice day! Then I had another baby so it didn’t last long!!

5. The Packaging is Recyclable

Isn’t it frustrating when you purchase something with the environment in mind and it comes wrapped in plastic? Well, Nest has packaged their diapers in coated paper, meaning it can be recycled! Not only are the packages very stylish, and feel nice if you’re a very tactile person like me, but (unlike soft plastics) you can recycle the whole outer covering. Bonus!!!

6. They’re Cute

I’m a sucker for rainbows. They’re fun, happy, inclusive, and hopeful. A rainbow mixed with cheery sunshine, and some little birdies hanging out–I literally can’t think of a better diaper design for all!

So, if you’re looking for something for your baby that is soft, comfortable, cute, effective, plant-based, eco-friendly, and a million other great adjectives, look no further than Nest diapers! They’ve made my little boy and me very happy!

Click Here to order Nest via their website or even try a sample size! They also have training pants for older kids, and offer free shipping on all case orders. If you prefer to purchase through Amazon, click Here. And once you try Nest, leave your review below!!

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links or brand partnerships where I earn from qualifying purchases or receive product.

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