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Little Kids Gift Guide 2023

December 6, 2023

Here it is! Every year I share some items that will be under my Christmas tree! This guide has minimal pictures because of little eyes nearby, and thank goodness the one that can read is at school! My kids are 6, 4, and 2 with girly girls and a dude with serious boy energy, and it’s curated to them. Obviously, boys can be into dolls, and pink, and whatever, this is just a guide for my own kids. I hope this Little Kids Gift Guide 2023 helps give you some ideas!


The BIG Gift-

My oldest asked for a talking robot this year! I thought we had a few years until the pricy tech gifts, but kids these days! This robot does look pretty awesome, though!


Santa is bringing clothes, this cute hooded towel, this sheet set, and a new scooter since she’s outgrown the old one!

Arts & Crafts-

My artsy child will be busy this new year with these Striped Biggies and this sketchpad from Eeboo, the Ooly Color Layers Markers, this Balloon Animal set, the 3Doodler 3D Pen Set, and these Paint & Peel Jelly Stickers!


One of our favorite stocking stuffers is this sparkle syrup! She’s also getting glow-in-the-dark stars, a 100 Days of School costume, a new Brain Quest set, and a little safe for all of her private things!


The BIG Gift-

Thanks to the Amazon Wishbook, she’s been talking about this Spidey Tower since October!


She’s getting this hooded towel, the same sheets as my oldest, and some cute clothes like this twirl dress and this pizza dress!


My middle loves to pretend! She will be getting the microwave to go with her gorgeous kitchen set, this very fun and cute 3D Beach House Rug that she can literally play on, and a play coffee set! Both girls will be excited by this non-toxic, first makeup set, and she will also be styling with her Day of the Week lip balm necklace! And, time for a classic: the Pretty Pretty Princess game!


We love our Tonies box, so each holiday the kids each get a new Tonie to play. I highly recommend this gift for 6 months and up and up and up! For books, she loves the Team Supercrew book series, will be starting the LMNO Play book club, and getting the sequel to a favorite with this Germs vs Soap book!


The BIG Gift-

He asked Santa for a BIG school bus, and everything online was very disappointing. I stumbled upon this one at the Bryant Park holiday market.


He’s a little building machine so will love this John Deere Build-o-Buddy, this Lincoln Logs Treehouse to add to our collection, and this Downhill Duo set to add to our Magna-Tiles!

Disney’s CARS-

He is obsessed with the Disney movie CARS, so there will be a lot of Lightning and Mater gifts under our tree! He’s getting these PJs, this Duplo set, this Tonie,, and this plush!


He will also be getting these bath crayons, these undies, Kinetic Sand, and training chopsticks!

There’s a little insight into our Christmas! I’m very excited to bring the holiday magic and make some dreams come true! Happy shopping!

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