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Little Kids Gift Guide 2022

December 2, 2022


At a Tonies event with @thenewyorkstylist and

It’s that time of year! Here are some highlights from my little kids’ Christmas lists! My kids are five and under, so this should give you some ideas for the little kids in your life!

For Toddlers and Up

My son is a truck-obsessed, doggy-loving, little tike, so you will definitely see that as the focus below. But, I’ve added a few favorites we already have because they are toddler hits!

Tonies is my top pick for best toddler+ gift of all time. My kids could work it well before one, but still enjoy it now at almost-6. The best investment and it’s a gift that keeps on giving with constant new releases!

My son also loves his mini-board books! He reads them all day long, as they fit perfectly in his little hands!

We have a lot of pretend furniture around here, but not yet a work bench! Maisonette has a great selection.

Is there a toddler who doesn’t love Daniel Tiger?! The MVP of toddlerhood now offers a Multi Daniel Tiger 3-in-1 Ride-On Toy from Skip Hop! A great grow-with-me gift that turns into a scooter!

We have so many different Colorforms over here, but I can’t have a toddler gift guide without including them. They’re so great!

Also, to satisfy his construction obsession, he’s getting Construction Books, a Construction Hard Hat, and a very cool Construction Plate/Utensil Set!

He’ll be able to join our family band with these Desk Bells and this little drum!

His grand finale is a GIANT DOG because I’m not ready to get him the real thing!

For Preschoolers and Up

My middle loves the color green, is obsessed with cooking, building, pretending, and Blues Clues! She’s going to love this Share with Blue Picnic Play Set, this pretend Wooden Smoothie Set, her new Watering Can, and this pretend Sailboat!

Our new Twista Skates are AWESOME! These grow-with-me roller skates adjust to accommodate sizes 7-11 and can convert from a beginner skate to an inline style!

We’re adding to our Magna-Tiles collection with this very cool Rocketship Building Set and this Dino World Set!

Ave Lumi has a great selection gifts for all ages. I got my daughter this felt doll set. And since she is very into green, this lucky REAL Four-Leaf Clover Necklace from Super Smalls! Also, since she is now my little ballerina, her Bitty Baby Doll will be getting a matching ballerina outfit!

Her grand finale is the refrigerator to her very beautiful wooden kitchen set, and the Blues Clues Bingo toy that she picked out from the Amazon catalog!

For Kindergartners and Up

It actually gets easier to shop for kids as they get older because their likes and dislikes are very obvious! My Kindergartner little lady knows what she wants, but I know her little siblings will have fun with all this, as well.

These first two are really gifts being addressed to the whole family, but definitely will be more appreciated by my older kids. We got them this Karaoke Machine and this Telescope!

I also got the girls matching Book Lights and these Surprise-at-the-Bottom Mugs for each child!

Another one that will be fun for the whole family that was the star of my private FAO Schwartz tour: this safe for kids and indoors Wicked Indoor Booma!

This child is my pink/purple, sequiny, diva girl, so she is going to be reading Pinkalicious and Purplicious, lounging on this Mermaid Pillow, while wearing these Super Smalls Gloves and this cozy Robe, after swimming in her Super Smalls Goggles. I’m also adding a pearl to her “add-a-pearl” necklace that we gave to her for her preschool graduation.

The IT gifts of the season include all things Magic Mixies! We already own the Cauldron, so this year she is getting the Crystal Ball. It is also the year of the Squishmallow, and her heart is set on this Cry Baby she fell in love with when circling the Amazon catalog.

Her grand finale is a custom American Girl Doll made to look just like her. I’ve linked it, but this one took 6 months to get to me! It was originally ordered for her April birthday! We also got her and her new doll a matching sweater!

Subscription Boxes

Also, all of my kids love subscriptions. Subscription boxes and magazines are such fun surprises and happy mail! I recommend Highlights Magazine, the gorgeous Playful Learning subscription box, Year Cheer for holiday fun throughout the year, My Garden Box or the Plant Club, and Little Bookish Wardrobe!

Stocking Stuffers

I’ll be gifting the usual refills of Kinetic Sand, this year a non-toxic play dough, markers, socks, and underwear! I am also keeping with our yearly tradition of Sparkle Syrup! Plus little things like a Rubik’s Cube, bookmarks, stickers, keychains, and stick-on mustaches.

There you have it! I hope you were inspired for all the littles on your list! Happy holidays!!

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