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Little Girl Gift Guide

December 10, 2020

I put together my a Little Girl Gift Guide last year too, which is basically just my kids’ Christmas list put down here on the blog! Last year, I just covered my oldest who was then two, because the baby wasn’t aware of much at seven months old! But, this year I was shopping for two. This list covers my three-year old and nineteen-month old little ladies. I call it a “Little Girl” gift guide because my girls have stereotypical tendencies when it comes to pink and purple everything, crowns, rainbows, hearts, dress up, etc. But, some of these things are unisex, and some little boys like all of the above. You know your child, so don’t think I’m saying that any gift is off limits to any gender! Remember, shipping may be slower this year, so start shopping away!


My little puzzler is also a very curious one. She has this Human Body Educational Puzzle and this World Map Puzzle under our tree!

And, for some brain puzzles, I love the little quiz cards from Brain Quest, and some good ol’ Connect the Dots!

The Queen of imaginative play will get to be Rapunzel with this costume, these shoes, and this hair, be a mommy to her Bitty Baby with a matching look, and then serve up some pretend food and charge us for it all with this cash register.

And, the girl needs clothes, anyway. Might as well throw them under the tree! She’s princess obsessed so will appreciate these pajamas and these undies.

The perfect accessory paying tribute to her old home.

A lava lamp to blow her mind!

Her first microscope to keep her curious and exploring!

And this was it. The gift of the season. After the Amazon Wishbook arrived, this has been the one item she cannot stop talking about. Her “Cat Doll.” So, I snatched it up right away and it’s been hiding since early November!


Her gift from her sister is this sweet personalized alphabet book from Monvie! We were able to replace some corresponding pictures with pictures of us! It really is the sweetest.

To practice coloring in the lines, a Imagine Ink book, and to have some clean fun, the Crayola Mess-Free Touch-Lights.

I am not one for stuffed animals since kids easily acquire way too many, but my girl just loves Peppa so a George stuffy will be a hit!

We have a little Toy Story corner with Buzz, Woody, and soon this classic: Mr. Potato Head. (I also don’t understand how it’s so cheap, so check out the link!!)

My youngest actually has no dolls of her own, so this was another great opportunity to bring diversity into the home. This Wee Baby Stella doll is the sweetest!

Some more mess-free play with Kinetic Sand!

To make my husband chuckle, 100 First Words for Little Geeks.

And her biggest gift: Tonies! This music box lets her control the speaker in a way she can understand!


(Gifts either given to both or applicable for both ages)

My little builders are both still in the Duplo phase so will be equally excited for the LEGO DUPLO Frozen Ice Castle!

With winter almost upon us, the girls will have fun building a proper snowman with this Dress Your Own Snowman Kit and being pulled around on their new Arctic Slider!

I’ve purchased this paint and bead tray to keep the kids crafty, while making my life easier!

Chefs hats for some fun with Mom in the kitchen!

A sparkly maple syrup stocking stuffer for special Christmas morning pancakes!

And, their biggest gift, a cozy Anywhere Chair for their own little reading nook.

There you have it! They’ll be getting a few other bits and bobs, mainly stocking stuffers, but this is basically their Christmas list! Hope you find it inspiring and useful! Happy holidays!!!

Please not recommended ages on the manufacturer’s website before purchasing for your own children or others. Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links where I earn from qualifying purchases.

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