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April 25, 2019

Backup Water Storage in Case of an Emergency




Coming from New England and living in New York City, I’ve never had to worry too much about big natural disasters and the emergencies they cause. We’re very unlikely to ever face town-engulfing wildfires, destructive earthquakes, or catastrophic tornadoes. We get some snow, and usually, if you’re smart enough to stay indoors, you’ll brave a Nor’easter just fine. That does not mean we’re immune. I smelled the smoke and saw the ash from the Grenfell Tower fire, just down the street from my London home, that claimed 71 people’s lives. I remember the odd October snowstorm in Connecticut that left us without power for 10 days–desperate for water, showers, food, and gasoline. I saw the destruction and loss from the California fires. Anything can happen, at any moment, and we all need to be prepared.  


Preparing for any sort of emergency feels like spending time and money you just don’t have on something that will most likely never happen to you. It is something you may put on the back-burner. Something you’ll get to someday. Something you’ll write on a long-term to-do list. Something you may never get around to. Well, this is a reminder that the day should be today. Protecting yourself and your family should always be a priority. So, how do you protect your family and prepare your home for an emergency? Here is my checklist and a printable information sheet to ensure that everyone is on the same page in the event of a disaster. 


Now, this list is multi-purpose which is why it has a TON of information. This is a cheat-sheet for my husband, in the event something happens to me, so it includes all of our routine doctors. It’s a go-to sheet for immediate medical or contact information that may be needed in the event of an emergency. And it can be a helpful list for a babysitter. Keep in mind, you may want to provide an edited version for a babysitter that omits your social and investment info, but, you get the idea! A lot of information, in one trusted place, to make life easier in the event it gets hard. 





Emergency Supplies




Once you have all of your information jotted down, and in a trusted, easily accessible place, it’s time to stock up on supplies. In my home, these emergency supplies fall under four categories, and are located in a few different areas. In our main hall closet, I have our backup food supplies and our packed travel bag. In a child-proof locked bathroom cabinet we have our First aid supplies. And, lastly, I have a desk drawer dedicated to emergency household items. Below, you will find a list for each category:




Food Supplies Bin

(It’s recommended to store 3-7 days worth. Do not forget water and food for pets.)

-One gallon drinking water, per person, per day 


-Nonperishable, ready-to-eat canned or dried and prepared foods which include, but are not limited to:

Canned beans

Canned Vegetables

Canned Fruits

Protein Bars






Trail Mix

Dried Fruit



Beef jerky 

(I have also included pasta and sauce, in the event the stove is working, you are just homebound.) 


-Baby purees, diapers, wipes, and formula (if young children/applicable)

-A manual can opener

-Cat food


Packed Travel Bag


-Phone charger/batteries if applicable

-Copies of important documents/identification/picture of your pet

-A credit card

-Emergency cash

-Cat carrier/toilet pads or towels located in same area

-Detailed medical information/records

-Hand sanitizer

-First Aid kit

-Medications and pain relievers 

-Protein bars/snacks

-Bottled water

-Extra house or car keys if applicable


-Small toiletries such as:




Cotton Balls/Cotton Swabs


Mini hair brush

Feminine products


-Note pad/pen

-Emergency whistle

-The above emergency information list

-A blanket

-Emergency ponchos

-Deck of cards and books

-Small children’s toys or books (if applicable)

-A change of clothes for each family member

-Food and water dishes for pet or child

-Leash (if applicable)

-Plastic garbage bags for litter or laundry

-Nutricalm, Feliway, or similar for anxious pets



First Aid Supplies


First Aid Supplies


-Assorted bandages

-Gauze pads/rolls

-Adhesive tape

-Pain relievers

-Fever reducers

-Prescription medications

-Children’s medications


-Sharp scissors 

-Hydrogen peroxide


-Antiseptic wipes

-Antibiotic ointment

-A splint

-Nutricalm, Feliway (or similar) for anxious pets

-Non-latex gloves

-First Aid manual

-Thermometer with extra covers and batteries

-Instant cold and heat packs

-Calamine lotion


-Hydrocortisone cream

-Saline drops and/or nasal aspirator for children

-Saline/contact solution (if applicable)

-Sanitary wipes



Additional Home Supplies



-Assorted Batteries

-Dust masks

-Spare eyeglasses/contact lens supplies (if applicable)

-Battery-operated AM/FM radio

-Battery-operated sound machine for children (if applicable)

-Emergency whistle

-Phone chargers

-Pliers or a wrench

-A lighter

-Charge cell phone backup battery packs

-Emergency Cash

-Passports, important documentation easily accessible

-The above emergency information list


Outside the emergency non-perishables, I always make sure my house has full cupboards, and always backups of soap, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, feminine products, toothpaste, garbage bags, cat litter, etc. If you find yourself always running low on these types of items, though, feel free to add extras to your Food Supplies Bin or in your Home Supplies storage. And, as always, have multiple fire extinguishers in your home, make sure all of your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors are in working order and childproof your home! This includes stove and oven knobs, cabinets that contain anything toxic, glass, or choking hazards, electrical outlets, dangerously sharp or heavy objects, and more. 


I hope this list inspires you to protect yourself and your family in the event of an emergency, or motivates you to finish what you may have already started! In my case, I can call this urge to prepare for my family extreme third trimester nesting, but whatever got me to this point, I’m glad it’s done and will be sleeping a little easier tonight. Stay safe!



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