Family Planning with Mira

August 29, 2020

Family planning is daunting. Are you ever fully ready to take the leap into parenthood? Is it ever the perfect time? Has too much time passed since you started trying? Time becomes such a theme—more than you may have ever expected. Casual trying might turn into a hyper-focus on cycle lengths, weeks, months that have passed. Counting, calendars, dates. Time of year, time in between children. Time, time, time! A lot of fertility is beyond our control, but with what is within our control, how do you make the timing work for you? 

For me, I’m a planner. I have goals that I want to achieve, and with all the uncertainty in the world, I love having tools to help achieve those goals. More specifically, I’m getting older, and I understand a lot of the guesswork in regards to fertile days can be eliminated with accurate tracking of my ovulation cycles. 

With my first, I just went with the flow. I knew I wanted to get started on parenthood, since my husband and I had been married a couple years, and we weren’t getting any younger, but the idea of losing our social freedoms was scary, so we weren’t in a major rush.

The decision on when to have our second was driven by our first. We wanted the girls to be close together, preferably two years apart. We were lucky it worked out that way, and I definitely think the swiftness was a combination of my body (and my husband’s), and my ability to know my best windows to get pregnant through a tracking app.

Now, thinking of a third, there is so much more uncertainty. Now, over the “geriatric pregnancy” age, I really wanted to have our third underway, keeping with that same idea of having maybe a fourth and keeping all the kids close in age. But, do I want to be pregnant during a pandemic? Will we have enough income during these uncertain times? We don’t even know what state we will be living in, let alone if our next place would have enough bedrooms. What do we do? I know that when our next little bundle arrives he or she will be right on time, because kids are a blessing and I am so grateful to be able to have them. That doesn’t really give me any more clarity, though. 

So, for me, I am very grateful to have the Mira Fertility Tracker to help things get underway the moment the time seems right for our family. Mira is a fertility tracker that gives you a daily fertility score by checking your actual hormone levels. Instead of using averages and period days to determine your most fertile days, you are able to test your own urine sample for hormones that have a direct correlation with fertility. 

What is the process? You collect a sample of your urine first thing in the morning, dip one of the test wands into the cup, insert the wand into the Mira device, and let it get to work analyzing your information. The information is automatically sent to the user-friendly app, which offers you a daily fertility score, a graph of your fertility trends, and specific hormone information. 

This device is so easy to use for accurate, scientific information regarding when your body has the best chances of getting pregnant. Of course, conception isn’t as easy as this for everyone. Mira can greatly provide insight into your fertility, and, if you ever need to see a fertility specialist, the stored information is very helpful to be able to pass on to a fertility doctor. 

If you want additional information on Mira, visit the Mira website here, and, if you want to try this handy device, use code MomUptown for $25 off a Starter Kit!

I wish everyone a smooth journey on the road to parenthood. It is definitely full of fears, uncertainty, a roller coaster of emotions, excitement, anxiety—you name it—but it results in something so magical. 

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