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Christmas Winners 2021

January 24, 2022

Here is the Best of Christmas! This list of Christmas Winners 2021 details the top 15 items my kids received for Christmas. They’ve had all month to play and choose their favorites! I’ve watched them gravitate towards a little bit of everything, and shared it all below! Save these ideas for next Christmas, a kid’s birthday, or just because!

1. VTech KidiZoom PrintCam

The VTech KidiZoom PrintCam is one both my girls LOVE! This camera is easy to use, and prints in black and white right from the device! No ink required, just paper! They can also add borders and stickers onto the picture which is a lot of fun! There are games, and even a setting to turn the picture into a coloring page! They print it out and can use crayons to bring their photographs to life. SO much fun!

2. Disney Princess Nightgowns

My girls are obsessed with their princess nightgowns! They’ve had others in the past, but these are a little more fancy! My oldest has the Cinderella gown, and my middle loves her Snow White gown. A big hit!

3. Fire Hat

I thought a fire hat would be a great addition to the girls’ costume collection, but I didn’t think it would help so much with their Paw Patrol imaginative play! My middle loves pretending she is Marshall! The exact one I purchased was sold out, but here is a similar fire hat!

4. Paw Patrol Slippers

Yep, my middle is Paw Patrol obsessed! She follows in my oldest’s footsteps, which has been great since we already had a ton of Paw Patrol toys. These slippers paired with the fire hat have been a favorite!

5. Paw Patrol Magnetic Figures

Both my girls LOVE this toy. And, it’s on a super-sale! These Paw Patrol Magnetic Figures are the best!

6. KidKraft Dollhouse

Thank goodness she loved this one, since it caused a ton of stress with it’s middle-of-Christmas-night assembly and massive size! It was a hit, and the dollhouse can be found at its lowest price here!

7. Photo Puzzles

My two-year-old loves all kinds of puzzles, but the custom puzzle I made of our family is her absolute favorite! Make a custom photo puzzle of your family!

8. Talking Cactus

Okay, this thing is ridiculous, but also hilarious and the whole family loves it! This Talking Cactus will play music or repeat everything you say while wiggling!

9. Sleeping Bags

These sleeping bags are the absolute cutest. Super-soft, perfect for family movie night or someday sleepovers!

10. Fashion Design Paper Dolls

This take on paper dolls is a lot of fun! My daughter designs different outfits to attach to the dolls. Art and imagination!

11. Color Wonder Glitter Paper

We love the mess-free Color Wonder sets, but the glitter version was new to us! SO cool!

12. Metallic Scratch and Sketch Notebook

Similar to the above glitter reveal, this Scratch and Sketch Notebook has been a favorite! My four-year-old scratches and draws for long periods of time!

13. Sparkle Syrup

Yes, it’s a food, but this Sparkle Syrup deserves a spot on our list! Santa brings it every year and it makes winter breakfasts VERY special! Great in time for Valentine’s Day, too!

14. My Little Pony: A New Generation Figures

Okay, these are pretty big. But, they have her heart. She loves her My Little Ponies, and these from the new movie, are a daily favorite!

15. Kinetic Shimmer Sand

We’re clearly fans of glitter over here! Kinetic sand keeps my girls occupied for hours, and the addition of glitter adds so much fun!

There you have it! The fifteen gifts that won Christmas! Hope this makes your gift-giving in the 2-5 year old range a little easier!

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