5 Ways to Get Organized

May 13, 2020

One of the positives of this social distancing period and time indoors is how organized my house has become!! I’ve always been a pretty neat person, but I was able to comb through each room and space, and really trim the fat. I’ve filled up our storage unit with bags to donate, used up old ingredients, and gave everything a thorough cleaning! I’m definitely a big buyer of the Marie Kondo method, so I tossed/donated items that no longer “sparked joy” and continued folding in her KonMari way. But, I definitely put my own spin on the situation and have five tips that will instantly free up some space, get you in the mood to organize, and give your home an immediate upgrade! I know an organization overhaul might seem daunting, but start small and try the 5 Ways to Get Organized below!

1. Get Yourself a Label Maker

Maybe I’m just a huge dork, but a label maker really got me ready to improve my living space. It’s obviously not a requirement, but I use my handy little Brother P-Touch Label Maker all the time, and it lets my project dreams know that I mean business! Especially with young children that are growing in and out of clothes constantly, I’ve sorted all of their clothing into storage bins and have the sizes clearly labeled on the outside. I have also labeled the baskets under my bathroom sink, our multi-purpose storage cabinets, and, sometimes, even whip up a quick label to remember the date I opened an ingredient in the fridge!

2. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

This one is an absolute MUST if you are also a New York City-dweller. Small living spaces mean getting creative and appreciating all aspects of your space. An instant way to use vertical space? Hang your accessories. I purchased inexpensive, self-adhesive hooks (it’s a rental) to store my daughter’s hats. Less clutter on the ground, and they sure look cute!

3. Invest in Storage that Excites You

When you have nice things, you naturally want to take care of them. Invest is special storage pieces that command respect, and encourage you to take the time to keep everything tidy. My cosmetic bag, from Henry Charles, is large and secure, built for practical and efficient organization, but is stylish enough to take out on the town, and impressively made from vegan leather!

4. Utilize Your Cabinet Doors

Here’s another one for when space is tight! Make use of that cabinet door space! These Poppin Wall Cups helped declutter shelves, and control items that were constantly falling over. Now I can easily access them without sacrificing any space! I also use my cabinet doors for information. Open my doors and you’ll find the instructions on how to care for each one of my plants, emergency information, and important reminders!

5. Control Your Cords

It’s the age of technology, but with technology comes cords! Lots and lots of cords. Cell phones, Air Pods, Fires, iPads, and portable chargers. One corner of our kitchen was a tangled mess! Life changed when we used Poppin’s Wall Organization pieces to lift everything from the counters to the walls, and gave the items dedicated wall pockets. We also mounted a USB Charging Station to maximize the amount of charging that could be done in our one, dedicated space!

And, there you have it! Five quick upgrades to help organize your home! Do you have a favorite instant organization upgrade? Leave your favorite tips below! Happy organizing!

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    These are such lovely organisational tips. I’m so much in need to invest in those functional wall pieces. Thanks for an amazing post. Very helpful.

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