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12 Subscription Boxes for Kids

October 28, 2020
A subscription box set from #3 Romp & Tumble

With all this time at home, we could all use a bit of happy mail! Subscription boxes are all the rage. Why? They’re full of fun, exciting surprises, make for great gifts, and expose you to new brands, activities, flavors, etc. Often, you’re already spending money in the below categories, so why not spend in a way that can save you time or money, support causes you believe in, or offer things you may not otherwise have access to? Below, I’ve put together 12 subscription boxes for kids that are sure to have you or your child skipping to the mailbox! Enjoy!

1. Literati

For just $9.95/month, your kids will be sent a box of five new books! From there, you only buy the books you want to keep with the Literati Kids “Try-Before-You-Buy” club! It’s a lot of fun and a great way to only collect the books you really love!

2. Snack Riot

Any parent knows the importance of snacks! And, kids have a way of being very fickle when it comes to their favorites! Not only does Snack Riot constantly expose your home to different brands and flavors, but all of their snacks are healthier than the typical shelf stuff. We’re talking whole grains, gluten-free, vegan, natural sugars, superfoods, and more! I always say, you’re buying the snacks anyway, might as well do it this way for an exciting box of surprises! Bonus: Use code momuptown for 15% off your first order!

3. Romp + Tumble

This new subscription service is solving problems and changing the world! Romp + Tumble offers 22-piece bundles of new and gently-used, eco-friendly clothing for your kids to wear however they normally would, and return in ANY condition. Forget buying brand-new clothing just to give away when your baby outgrows it all so quickly, as kids do. Romp +Tumble has found a way to be kinder to the world and keep your child in the latest and greatest clothing! Bonus: Use code MOMUP10 for 10% off your first subscription!

4. Play with Yaya

Along that same theme of reducing our footprint, especially with ever-changing and growing children, New York City-based Play with Yaya, has created a subscription service to solve the toy overload problem! They deliver toys perfect for your child’s age that you can send right back when he or she is done playing with them! Only for NYC moms right now, but stay tuned as they grow!

5. KidStir

Product Image

I am passionate about getting my kids involved in the kitchen! And I don’t know if there is a more fun way to do it than with the KidStir monthly cooking kits! Starting at $19.99, each cooking kit includes a cooking tool, recipes, a magazine, stickers, and more!

6. Jambo Books

This year has highlighted just how important it is to bring diversity into the home, and books are a great way to do that! Unfortunately, according to a recent study by the University of Wisconsin, only 22% of children’s books are about people of color. Thankfully, Jambo Books exists! Their subscription service features children’s books with people of color as the main characters! Jambo sends monthly books right to your home so children of color can see themselves, or diversity is brought in where it’s lacking. A fun box of awareness, starting at $29.99!

7. Love Every

Starting at $36/month, Love Every sends play kits to your home depending on your child’s age and stage of development. Their research-based product development created Montessori-based toys, chic enough to become fixtures in your living room!

8. I Can Read Book Club

The I Can Read Book Club‘s color-coded reading level guide makes it easy to get books your child can appreciate delivered right to your home! This traditional book club starts at $19.95, and has special gifts and offers for members. Your kids will love their vast collection!

9. R&T Crew

R&T Crew Box

R&T Crew, a kid’s subscription box and magazine spun off of the Road & Track Crew adult automative-enthusiast magazine, is pretty awesome. Any kid that has a need for speed can appreciate happy mail that includes race cars, flags, collectible cards, and more! Boxes as low as $37.50.

10. Kiwico

Arts and crafts and other geographical projects from various Atlas Crates.

Kiwico is an amazing subscription service to really get those young minds involved in thinking and building!! The STEM, STEAM, and Science Kits are offered from ages 0-16+, so there really is something for every stage of youth! Starting at $15.50/month.

11. Green Kid Crafts

Looking for educational toys, science kits, monthly crafts for kids, monthly subscriptions for kids, a monthly craft box or kids craft subscription? Green Kid Crafts, kids craft subscription and maker of the best subscription boxes, including award-winning arts and craft subscription boxes and best monthly subscription boxes, has created this awesome Volcano science kit for kids.

Green Kid Crafts offers hands-on monthly boxes of science and art projects for kids! Scientist-founded and mom-run, this service will keep your kids learning and entertained! Starting at $24.95 for 4-6 little activities in each box!

12. Little Bookish Wardrobe

Let imaginations run wild! The subscription boxes from Little Bookish Wardrobe might just be the sweetest things ever. In addition to a great story, your child gets a costume and activity set to go along with it! It keeps them reading and playing all month long! Starting at $32.99.

And, there you have it! 12 Subscription Boxes for Kids that make amazing gifts, just-because treats, or help mom save time and energy! Some have amazing eco-friendly initiatives, and all will put a smile on your child’s face! Let me know which ones you check out in the comments!

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