Zucchini "Lasagna" Bolognese

November 9, 2018



1000 hours later…okay, not really 1000, but let’s just say, this recipe is a time commitment. A time commitment I don’t mind, though. There’s something beautiful about making a lasagna. A sauce that’s on the stove half the day. Putting it all together and collapsing on the couch while the oven finishes the job. It’s a meal you can be proud of. But, definitely more of a Sunday night dinner. That aside, this recipe for Zucchini “Lasagna” Bolognese is pretty darn good. It will never top the real thing, with real semolina noodles, but it’s sure to make guests (including my toddler) go “Wow.” Be aware, as warned throughout the entire Cravings cookbook, this dish is intense. Big flavors–herby, salty, a little spicy, meaty, and cheesy–do not allow for a big helping of this pasta-less lasagna. (That’s why it serves 10-12.) Maybe serve it as part of a large buffet. More details below. 


Rating: B+


How to make it an A+: Use real pasta noodles. If you must use the zucchini, tone down the salt in the sauce. Also, I like a bolognese that really has a nice tomato base. For this, add some tomato paste to taste. Side Note: The leftover sauce was great because it didn’t have the intensity of the salted zucchini and seasoned cheese all over it. That mixed with some linguini and topped with some crumbled goat was delishhhh. Enjoy! 


Find the Recipe Here.

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