Veggie Couscous with Spicy Pine Nuts

May 31, 2019



Chrissy Teigen’s simple and flavorful Veggie Couscous with Spicy Pine Nuts is a perfect weeknight and postpartum meal! My body was craving veggies and something home-cooked and this dish fit the bill. I was worried that a recipe with a stew-like feel and sweet potatoes would not match an 80 degree, end-of-spring night, but the zucchini really keeps it light and couscous never feels heavy to me, so it all worked! Details below.


Rating: A-


How to make it an A+:  The recipe suggests keeping these veggies very large (two inch cubes for the zucchini!), but I prefer something more manageable. One inch cubes at most will present better and be easier to gobble up. Also, Increase everything in the couscous! More spicy pine nuts, more cranberries, more cilantro. More, more, more! Or just to your liking…enjoy!


Find the Recipe Here.

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