Vegetable Tortilla Stew

December 13, 2018

The season of soups! Well stews. Well chili, really! That’s what this Vegetable Tortilla Stew is when it comes down to it. A nice, hearty, vegetarian chili! And a good one at that! Chrissy Tiegen does it again withΒ her Cravings cookbook.Β  She’s managed to put together a vegetarian chili option that leaves you feeling very full and very satisfied with big flavors and just the right amount of everything. The recipe is pretty quick and simple to put together, it just needs to simmer for a little while. It’s also a great use of leftover rice (which I want to point out as someone that HATES recipes that call for cooked rice. Requires lengthier prep time to account for!) Β So, for a cozyΒ weekend meal, in these colder months, this recipe is really perfect and will warm you right up. Enjoy!

Rating: A

How to make it an A+: Pretty much everything is better with sour cream, but especially/obviously Mexican food! Top with a dollop and sprinkle with salt before serving. Also, while the tortilla strips make for an awesome presentation, save them for guests. They’re hard to eat/break up and not as good as some crunched up blue corn tortilla chips. (I topped with the shredded cheddar option, FYI.)

Find the Recipe Here.

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