Sweet-and-Sour Chicken-Noodle Bowl

November 9, 2020

I was really looking forward to a simple and light dinner like this Sweet-and-Sour Chicken-Noodle Bowl from Martha Stewart Living, but this recipe fell a little flat. Details below on what went wrong and how to make it go better!

Rating: C+

How to make it an A+: This dish is lacking a lot of things. First, there was not enough dressing. And, the dressing was sort of bland. I saved the bowl by adding extra sweet chili sauce and some sriracha overtop, but have to agree with this review from the website: “This should have been fabulous, but the oil in the dressing was so wrong! After making and eating it I realize it should have been a simple Nam sort of sauce with lime juice, garlic, fish sauce, brown sugar etc.” I do love the cucumbers, though!

Find the Recipe Here.

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