Stuffed Berry French Toast

March 24, 2019

Stuffed Berry French Toast



I love me a French Toast casserole. Often referred to as “Overnight French Toast,” you’re able to do all the (minimal) prep work the night before, soaking bread into a sweet, cinnamon, egg mixture, and doing nothing but assembling and baking the next morning. This Stuffed Berry French Toast, from Clean Cooking magazine is no exception in simplicity, and gets high marks for being a healthier, whole grain version of an often overly-decadent breakfast. 


Rating: A


How to make it an A+:  The only suggestion in keeping with this whole grain/healthy theme, is to bake the dish longer to ensure the egg mixture gets cooked throughout (make sure you dump in every last bit of the leftover egg into the casserole pan) and to serve with Greek yogurt, as well as maple syrup. 


Find the Magazine Here.

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