Sticky Soy-Braised Spare Ribs

September 16, 2018



Nothing says perfect weekend meal like something that’s been cooking for hours. Your house is filled with the delicious aromas and anticipation of something rich and hearty. These Sticky Soy-Braised Spare Ribs from Waitrose are just perfect. A richer, more intense, salty, caramelized sauce than your basic barbecue version, this dish is easy and a crowd-pleaser! (It just requires some forethought with a 4+ hour, stovetop cooking time.) I paired the meat with Chrissy Tiegen’s Sweet and Salty Coconut Rice, and it was a sensory overload in all the best ways. 


Rating:  A+


How to make it an A+: These ribs are so, so good. It gives you the option to serve on the bone or off, but with such a slow braise, I’m not sure how these bad boys would stay together. The pulled version is all I ever need, though. Enjoy!


Find the Recipe Here.

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