Spiced Pumpkin Toffee Apple Cake

October 24, 2021

Well, this isn’t a quick one, but it sure is tasty! Tesco Magazine’s Spiced Pumpkin Toffee Apple Cake sure is a festive fall show-stopper! Details below!

Rating: A-

How to make it an A+: The actual cake is delicious, but the apples are a lot of effort for something that really is decorative, unless you happen to love toffee or candied apples you could crack a tooth on. Also, it’s found it challenging to find a caramel condensed version, so I would just opt for a dulce de leche. I tried to caramelize the plain condensed milk, but it got too thick to achieve the same dripping effect as a caramel sauce. A typical issue when trying to make a UK recipe in the US!

Find the Recipe Here. 

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