Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

July 9, 2018



Okay, I love anything that can be left to cook on my counter while I go about my day, but this dish? I do not understand the need for the Crock Pot in this 12 Tomatoes Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese. The recipe even offers a baking alternative which I recommend 100%. The slow cooker option requires you to pre-cook the pasta, anyway, so there doesn’t really seem a need to draw out the whole process. Also, the suggested 3 hour cooking time was wayyyy too long, even on low. So, skip the slow cooker, bake this dish, and be prepared to be AMAZED. Despite my feelings on the method, the actual taste is fabulous. That’s what happens when you add a hefty portion of pecorino romano AND Parmesan to plain ol’ cheddar.

Rating: A

How to make it an A+: Bake until bubbly, and why not add a crust of panko mixed with butter? Sprinkle with salt and pepper! 



Find the Recipe Here.  


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