Slow Cooker BBQ Sweet Potato Bakers

July 25, 2018

Slow Cooker BBQ Sweet Potato Bakers



This recipe is a little unusual, and, like the Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese I recently made, feels a little over-the-top. I like to use my slow cooker for recipes that really benefit from the slow cooking. Or when it offers a less hands-on approach during a busy day. This is just making a basic baked potato, but taking four times as long to do it in the Crock Pot. The flavors are on point, though. It’s warm, and cheesy with a surprise chicken filling–a guaranteed hit for the whole family! 


Rating: A


How to make it an A+: The only thing missing in this blend of flavors is a salty crunch. Crumble some bacon and sprinkle on top to make this loaded potato complete. Also, as mentioned above, skip the slow cooker and bake at 400° until tender, about 45 minutes (still prick with fork). You’ll get a quicker dinner and a nice, crispy potato.


Find the Recipe Here.

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