Skillet Chocolate-Chip Cookie

August 12, 2018

Skillet Chocolate-Chip Cookie



Martha Stewart’s Skillet Chocolate-Chip Cookie is too good. The recipe results in an oversized, chocolate-chip cookie that is what dreams are made of. A soft and gooey version of heaven. Perfect for a girls night, cozy weekend in, the end of a dinner party, a kids slumber party–anytime, for everyone, really. For some reason the website only rates the dish a 3.6, but I do not think that is accurate. All the comments are positive, and some are also questioning the rating. Simply ignore, and proceed with making the easiest cookie of your life. 


Rating: A+


How to make it an A+: This dessert really just needs a glass of milk! No ice cream, no whipped cream, just some milk. I should note that while half of us where divided on the chocolate chip-to-cookie ratio, I was on the side of leaving this perfect cookie pie recipe just how it is!


Find the Recipe Here.

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