Shrimp Lo Mein

January 8, 2020

I’m consciously trying to switch up the protein in my house these days. Peanut butter, salmon, or chicken have gotten a little stale, so shrimp has been popping up more on the menu recently! This Shrimp Lo Mein, from Real Simple, is an easy way to bring variety into your household dinner routine! Details below.

Rating: A

How to make it an A+: The shrimp gets so browned to perfection, I love it. I was still missing some variety in texture. Perhaps I’ll had some snow peas and/or water chestnuts next time. Also, I splashed some soy sauce overtop after plating! And side note: lo mein noodles were absent from my corner of New York City, so I used very thin, basic egg noodles!

Find the Recipe Here.

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