Shepherd's Pie

February 4, 2019


If you’re not feeling chili for your Super Bowl game feast, Shepherd’s Pie is pretty great option. Easy to make ahead (and in stages if you’re also minding children) it’s filling, a great base for drinking, and oh, so, delicious! After living in the U.K., I’ve learned they are very serious about their pies.  In that country, a Shepherd’s Pie would be made with lamb, and the term Cottage Pie would be used for a beef base. However, in the US, lamb is rarely used and Shepherd’s Pie is the general term for all of these meaty, potato-covered dishes. 


Rating: A-


How to make it an A+:  This pie is pretty tasty, but not as good as my go-to from Food Network. The biggest difference is the cooking time and heat. I’m not sure why this Real Simple recipe does everything in drawn out stages. Cook all the vegetables together, on a lower heat (medium), then add the meat and stock for a more moist dish. I would also switch from chicken stock to beef for a richer flavor. 


Find the Recipe Here.

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