Sheet Pan Apple Crisp

October 11, 2020

Real Simple’s Sheet Pan Apple Crisp boasts how it’s heavy on the topping since that’s the best part, and it is not wrong! Also, cardamom is one of my favorite additions to baked goods (thanks to the bakery Fabrique in London, which also has since opened in NYC. Hopefully, it has not closed because of Covid), so such a bonus! Try out this delicious recipe below!

Rating: A

How to make it an A+: So delicious, and I completely appreciate the topping-to-apple ratio. The crisp does get rather stuck to the pan if you’re not eating it all right away, though. The massive amount of butter really hardens so either reheat it in the oven before serving again, bake on parchment, or transfer to another dish before storing in the refrigerator.

Find the Recipe Here.

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