Sesame Salmon with Pak Choi

October 4, 2018



For anyone in the States, this recipe seem intimidating because of an unknown ingredient.  Don’t worry, pak choi is just the U.K. term for bok choy! For this recipe, I opted for baby bok choy–one of my favorites because of its refreshing, juicy bite that really works well with delicious marinades. The only other cultural difference/problem is the absence of red chillies in the U.S. You can use jalapeño or (like I did) drizzle a little sriracha overtop for a nice kick.  This bok choy/salmon combo found in Tesco magazine’s Sesame Salmon with Pak Choi recipe makes for a super-easy weeknight meal!


Rating:  A-


How to make it an A+: Sprinkle the salmon with salt and pepper. This recipe also needs a little sweetness. Add a little brown sugar into the mix. Or, some sweet chili sauce in a drizzle at the end. Lastly, you may want to broil instead of bake to really get a crisp, toasted sesame seed coating. Enjoy!


Find the Recipe Here. (Pg 62-63)

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