Satay Chicken

December 14, 2018


I am a peanut-obsessed person. Peanut desserts, Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s everything, peanut butter by the spoon with some maple syrup or honey drizzled on top, give me any of it and I’m a happy, pregnant girl! Which is why I gravitate towards any Thai-Asian-inspired peanut dish. Peanut chicken, Pad Thai with peanuts, peanut noodles, and of course, a chicken satay with peanut sauce! I’ve tried a million and last night, gave Breville’s Satay Chicken recipe a shot. The company is obviously trying to sell the compact blender/food processor that’s advertised next to the recipe, so a lot of the recipe references a special food processing chamber and then a citrus juicer to seem like you need this special tool to complete dish, but you don’t. Just make it all in your food processor or blender and squeeze the juice by hand! Overall, this marinade is one of the best, but the peanut sauce falls short, hence the lower score. See all modifications below!


Rating: B


How to make it an A+: As mentioned above, the marinade is amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing! (Other than the fact that I couldn’t find any kaffir lime leaves, so I used some lime zest and a bay leaf!) The peanut sauce is missing some spicy/sweetness, though, so I added sweet chili sauce to taste (a lot of it) and problem solved! Enjoy.


Find the Recipe Here.

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