Salted Maple Granola

June 14, 2019


I love granola. It’s so easy to have hanging around as a quick snack or breakfast for my toddler and me. And, it lasts forever! Why have cereal hanging around the house when you could have granola?! That said, I try any granola recipe I can get my hands on if I’m not already throwing the randomness of my cupboards together and making my own. Chrissy Teigen’s Salted Maple Granola definitely hits the sweet/salty spot. Check out her recipe and details below if you want to try a twist on your basic snack time favorite!


Rating: A


How to make it an A+:  This has a little too much salt–even for my tastes! Also, do not pair with yogurt which can be a little too sour for the already complex granola. It’s best to snack on or a sweet glass of milk. Enjoy!


Find the Recipe Here.

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