Roasted Mushrooms

September 16, 2019


Roasted Mushrooms are such a funny thing for me. Sometimes, the texture is a little too in-my-face, and other times, I crave the meatless “meatiness.” Chrissy Teigen’s recipe, though, takes me back to one of my favorite versions of mushrooms. When I worked as a hostess then waitress at a steakhouse in high school, I would find these salty, cajun-spiced, tiny mushroom dreams on the line. As I waited for my food to run, I’d pop a couple of these suckers into my mouth and they would hold me over until after my shift. This recipe took me back to a very cool time. Check out the details below for an easy, tasty dinner side. Enjoy!


Rating: A


How to make it an A+: These are really delicious, but I was craving a little spice the entire time. I think I needed to recreate the flavors (or maybe just the memories) from that restaurant mentioned above, so next time will add some cajun seasoning! 


Find the Recipe Here.

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