Real-Food Protein Bars

February 8, 2019



I can’t have ingredients kicking around my house too long. Partially because I live in a NYC apartment and am a little OCD/obsessed with Marie Kondo, but also because everything expires before you know it. So, I was ready to say goodbye to an old banana and some protein powder, and put them to good use with these Real-Food Protein Bars from Chocolate-covered Katie! They’re a very easy afternoon treat or breakfast on the go, and taste delicious. In the freezer, they can last up to a month, so a great option for a busy gal, or a pregnant lady that always needs energy and snacks on hand!


Rating: A


How to make it an A+:  I love these bars, but docked the rating a tad because the recipe is very dependent on the protein powder you use. For me, I’m very sensitive to powders that have a strong Stevia presence, and with that type of taste, the whole recipe could go sideways. Just be aware when you’re selecting the powder for you. Also, these bars aren’t very structured, but I wouldn’t change anything because the taste and texture is actually great, you don’t want to mess with the ingredient ratios or add in a binding oil. I would just keep them in the freezer and eat them fast! 


Find the Cookbook Here.

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