July 12, 2018


Raspberry/Taleggio on toast



The Raspberry/Taleggio toasts are just as decadent as the other Sh*t on Toast recipes I’ve tested and featured. Like the others, you have a salty/sweet combo that can be an interchangeable go-to to server at a party OR binge on while you watch Netflix in your bed. This one is bizarrely reminiscent of both the Entenmenn’s cheese and raspberry danishes my dad ate when I was a kid. Take from that what you will, but I say, cheese and jam is always a winning combination. Note: the recipe doesn’t specify, but make sure you toast the bread of your choice first, add the toppings, then broil.


Rating: A-

How to make it an A+: The jam is great and simple, but the zest on top isn’t my favorite. The next round, I sprinkled the toast with salt and fresh ground pepper instead. I needed a little contrasting flavor to all that sweetness. A stronger or harder cheese, or a different cracker base altogether, could give the same effect. Alternatively, you could just put these toasts on a dessert cheese plate!

 Find the Cookbook Here.  

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