Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

October 5, 2018



It’s that time…pumpkin everything! Nothing is better than fall. (I may or may not say something like this when approaching every season.) Seriously, mulled wine, a warm pumpkin spice something, gooey pumpkin-flavored treats, big sweaters, soft throws, I just love it all. These Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls were just the choice for my intro to fall cooking! Ree Drummond, a Food Network favorite, may not offer the healthiest recipes, but they’re sure the most satisfying. Details below are a must!


Rating:  A-


How to make it an A+: Okay, I have a ton of tweaks for this recipe. It’s good, it really is, but it’s missing the powerful flavors I look for in a special treat like this. I need more salt, more butter, more cinnamon, and more pumpkin! I’m a gal of excess–what can I say. So, how to work all of that in to this recipe? I would switch all butter from unsalted to salted which will help right away. I would also add butter to the cream cheese frosting. My favorite versions of this frosting are always more of a buttercream-cheese. Next, I would double the amount of cinnamon in both the dough, and the filling. Lastly, (this was more of a request from my husband) you need more pumpkin! It has a hint, but not enough. Add 1/2 cup more, and perhaps some pumpkin pie spice. Don’t overdo the frosting and don’t overcrowd the baking dish. This recipe (along with the changes) is worth it, I swear!


Find the Recipe Here.

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