Peanut Butter Sheet Cake

April 20, 2019



A peanut butter lover’s dream that is also probably one of the easiest birthday cakes you could throw together. Sheet cakes are just too simple, serve a ton, offer a large surface for decorating, and minimal cleanup. This one is sure to be a hit with adults and kids alike, but, if you’re like me, and can’t handle too much sweetness, see the modifications below.


Rating: A-


How to make it an A+:  The frosting is absolutely delicious, but I would have preferred a basic vanilla sheet cake for the lower layer. This cake is just way too sweet (with two cups sugar in the cake alone, not including the sweetened peanut butter) and dense! Use your favorite cake recipe–reach out to me and I’ll recommend a few. I also would like a little hint of salt to balance it all out, so add some to the frosting to taste! 


Find the Recipe Here.

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