Parmesan Pork Escalopes

September 1, 2018


Parmesan Pork Escalopes


This Waitrose recipe was an exciting take on a basic breaded pork chop. These escalopes had a homestyle, comforting crust, thanks to the addition of polenta in the breadcrumb mixture. The real surprise, is the salty, crispy layer of pancetta just under the crust! The recipe suggests serving with steamed carrots, but you could serve these with any veggie you want to use up in the fridge, or even something heartier, like mashed potatoes and gravy. 


Rating: A


How to make it an A+: Season with salt and pepper. Don’t get your pan too hot. You need to make sure you give enough time to crisp the pancetta before searing the breadcrumb coating!


Find the Recipe Here.  

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