Orange-Roasted Rainbow Carrots

January 21, 2020

I realized I had a scone, a grilled cheese, ice cream, and pizza yesterday, so it was a salmon and carrots kind of day today! These Orange-Roasted Rainbow Carrots cozied up nicely to my fillet. Ina Garten, as per usual, really knows how to make basic ingredients shine! Details below.

Rating: B+

How to make it an A+: I needed to be wowed a little bit more. To do this, I would split into two trays and reduce the oil so the carrots can really brown. As they were, I had to cook longer than recommended and still didn’t get that caramelization I desired. Alternatively, I have made versions of this (honey added), where the sweet stuff gets baked along with the carrots, not just added at the end. That’s a surefire way to get some dark caramel complexity at 450 degrees! Try it out, and let me know what you think!

Find the Recipe Here.

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